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TC is the best chatroom Ive been to. Ive met so many cool people on here I thought I would never met! Im on here everyday! I love this place. - Misty from North Carolina
I love the chatroom rooms at TC! I've been coming here since i was 16 and I love this place. There's a room for everyone and you can talk to people that are into the things you are! THANKS TC, YOU ROCK! :) - pearl from bradenton, florida
Em, Well, I've been on TC for about 4 years now on & off, But I'm back now and I'm the "new" person, once again. xD Hahaha. I love TC, it's amazing and a few of the people I've met on here, WOW. Gotta love it. <33 - Jade from Ireland - River of Time
This is by FAR the best chatroom room i've ever been to and it's free! Keep up the great work Dan! - Cassie from Wisconsin, United States - Singles Chat
Kaii sew your chatroom is like uber amazing because well i met amazing people and its really coolios when they live in the same place anyways i think u are really rad so keep up the chatroom =] - Ralph from London,ontario canada
Wow...TC is free and awesome! I've met some really cool people here. THANK YOU! - Jess from MA/Usa - Teen Shack
TC is soooo cool! I've met loads of awesome ppl here! I can't get enough and the best part is that it's free! - Samantha from Montanna - Singles Chat
Well I have met a lot of good friends on TC and for a long time it wouldn't let me in due to spyware but now I'm back and it has gotten 10 X better since.. Overall TC is one of the best places to meet good people .. Great Job Dan - Colin from harbour grace - Singles Club
I've been coming to TC for years! I guess I got pretty hooked into this site since. The Career Killer, RH, from the Wrestling room. - ReApEr HaRdY from Quebec, Canada
I love TC. I'm pretty new but I've already met lots of nice people. I give these chatroom rooms 2 thumbs up for sure.
I love TC this place rox my sox off everytime im on it, which seems to be like everyday lol. im usually in teen shack as CuTiE so hit me up. peace
ive met loads ov people on uk chatroom its just the best ive been coming on it ever sense i got ma computer and i always will there is such wicked people on here hope ya all have fun if ya wana chatroom ma name will be blondybitch07 mwaaaaa
I have been going to TC for a little bit over a month now and I already love it! Plus its free! Good job TC
This is the first time I've been on here. i like the fact that its your choice what rooms to pick. thats awesome. :]
lol.. haha i have met alot of ppl i am now really close friend with from here.. so its cool!!
this is pretty new to me but i have met some pretty hot guys and wanna flirt some more
OMG! These chatroom rooms are the best place to meet new people! Some of my really good friends I met here so please stay and chatroom!!!!

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