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i gotta say this TC is pretty awesome!!! =] - Kayla xx from BC Canada
I have met SO mani cul ppl on TC. It is the BEST free chatroom. Some of these people are like, my best friends now. And there are always cute guys on. loll. THANK YOU DAN FOR MAKING THIS SITE!!!! - Sarah from new zealand - Singles Club
hmnmhn, TC is really fun,its one of my favorite and most used chatroom sites. its great to go online and chatroom with people. - Krista-Marie from Ontario, canada Is a great place for us RP junkies i would have to say this is my favorite website to chatroom and rp on. - Shadow from London - The Padded Cell
The best chatroom room on the web. I've been coming on here for years and still there is no better chatroom room with such a variety of people from anywhere. - Samantha from Australia
These chatroom rooms are fantastic! I've been on here for a couple of months and I absolutely love the place. I've made so many great friends on here, many lifelong friends as well. And surprisingly enough I bumped into someone in here who I haven't seen for years. Guys u rock keep up the good work - Steffie from Perth/Australia - Australia Chat
This site rocks!! You can go to so many rooms and meet so many different people its a place i have been hanging out at for about 5 years now. I meet some of the best people here Zane,Lilly,Kenji,Nightroad,ryu,and so many more!! I'm usually on as Ninetailfox or DarkFox. - Heather from Tennesse/USA - The Padded Cell
I've had my heart broken many times and every time I always have to come here...It cheers me up and gives me sweet ideas on how to find good guys in this world...I even found my boyfriend on here <3 - Brandy from minasota - Love Counselors
like i love ur sit it has the most awesome people and chatroom rooms. I love the nerds chatroom. The guys are so hot, not like the jocks thanxs - jessica from new york
Pshaw! Dude, Talk about BEST SITE AROUND! 5 stars Plus a <3. I love this place! I've gotten so many friends, I can't help it, this place is an addiction. I love the fact that its FREE too!
I absolutely love it. I've met so many interesting people, and a lot of them that i still talk to. I've been on here for over a year at least. It's great, especially the hangout section.
This is such a cool chatroom! It's not boring like all the other chatroom rooms I've tried and its safe. It is totally awesome! I love it!
Well I've been the creative mind behind the struggles created during much of the RP madness... People love to join their characters in my passionate work to create the ultimate online experience... The fury leads to only one question... why? The answer children... is because I am my characters... Each one of them are a life-blood of myself... Remember to look for the hooded figures RPers... and get ready for the worst...
Ruins Of Utopia is the BOMB! I love it!
When I first came upon this site I thought it was just another lame website..but instead it was pretty cool and the more I came to this site the more ppl I met and I love how ppl on this site r actually a lot like me in many ways so its easier to yea i love these chatroom rooms..aiight payce
Yeah this is just a fun place to go and just meet interesting people and stuff a good killer of boredom and the new set up is cool... well I'm off to chatroom and stuff. ;)
TC is a great place to find new friends I love it. TC rox!

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