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Well, I haven't been here long... BUT I love it! I get bored and there's ALMOST always something to do here... WAFFLEZ! Nummeh nummeh.... I wanna muffin? Yeh, I love this place, helps me a lot! <3 to all muh peeps in da Cell! - Psycho Chelsea from Tennessee - The Padded Cell
I think TC is Awesome. It's a great place to meet the best people :) All the Regs from 20's room are the friendliest, coolest people on this planet lmao.. Dan your the best.. TY ~huggles~ XXXXX - Samantha from Australia - 20 Somethings
TC is awsome .. i love to meet new people and talk about music - big mick from australia
TC is amazingly fun, and you really do make a whole lot of friends!!! I love it. At first I didnt like it as much, now, I cant live a day without these chatroom rooms..lots of hawttt guys on it too!! heheh.. - Kim from South Carolina Usa - Teen Shack
TC is kool u get to meet ppl and get new friends . to talk to about stuff . there is no other then TC - jose lopez from schulenburg tx
I have just started to use this free chatroom but I think it is gr8 top laughs meet gr8 people have lots of fun. I'm always in uk chatroom you want me im there. XxX - beverley from england - UK Chat
I love TC...who ever said you never meet your one true love in the chatroom rooms are completely wrong. I met the love of my life on here and I couldn't be happier. Thanks TC! - Meagan from Kansass - Singles Chat
I like it here its a great place to meet people - Emily Gill from Queensland Australia
i have been on this website a lot and i love it - aid from uk wolvo - Blind Dates
this site is so cool, ive only started it yesterday, but i already made so many friends!!
Hullo there! Some here might know me but I have been visiting TC for about 4 or 5 years. I am mostly in Teen Spot. A shout out to Bree, Nessa, John,and other peoples! I <3 you guys!! ^.^
Man these chatroom rooms are so awesome! I have met so many good mates from here, and the best thing is I am still meeting new people. This site is very well done... XOXOXOXO to all the Perth peeps out there!
TC is amazing! You meet tons of awesome people in these chatroom rooms and sometimes you make really rad friends.
I ran into this free chatroom site about a month ago and I'm really impressed with the whole lay out, very easy to navigate. What I like the most about this particular site is that you dont run into the usual spammers and bots that flood my computer with unwanted material.
I lurveee it like WHOA! I also lurve Jakeh, FuZzEh, Tyler <3, Robzie!, Kaylerlynnnn, Jefferz =D, Feeshy, MattIE, Sheridan!, Dannehhh, Jimmeh Loverr!, Becc, Piper, Seany Bear!!, Will, Eric..., Snickers, Dani, Joshie <3, DEREK, AnNiE, Hayden, BANANA <3, Alyssa, Tim, and Shay! Anyone else I forgot, I'm sawryyy. I love yall sooo much! <3 The End ><
I go on Love Counselors whenever I feel I need to find someone with the same feelings as I. I love going anywhere on Teenchatroom actually, My friend showed me this site and I have now been going there for 5 years. Teenchatroom is the best roomsite on the web!
I have been coming to TC for 6 years now and i still love it you meet sooo many new peeps. TC ROCKS!

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