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i like helping people and this is the perfect place to come to help so i guess im here for a while lol - ema (kittykatem) from newcastle
Great places to come talk to people. Nice people from all over. Everyday after school i use to come on its provided some good times. I still come on a bit and its more than amazing. Keep up the good work. - Steven from Alabama USA
It's a pretty cool site. It's pretty great for meeting new people or getting advice. It's almost as great as pie. Like I said "almost". - Chris from Oregon
Lots of people. Lots of love. Totally free! :) - Ashlee from Canada
TC is a great site to make new friends. Its addictive too. I'm on here almost everyday. lol. - Clif from NorthCarolina
Hey TC is awesome especially Teen Shack. I met my girlfriend in teen shack an we have been together for a month now. If it weren't for this site i would not have met my girlfriend. This site is awesome. You can also meet alot of friends - Kevon from Ontario Canada - Teen Shack
I love TC. I have met like 10 people off these chatroom rooms and have made almost 200 myspace friends here too. Ive told all my friends about this site because well its awesome! <3 - Karen from Ohio
This is the greatest place in the world to meet weirdoes and hot chicks! - Boo from Bergen, Norway
I'm new around here, but these chatroom rooms look really cool! Come chatroom me up! - Brianna from Chesterfield - Singles Chat
Hey i love this place so much. Ive met so many hot guys and girls here it's unbelievable. I dont know what I would do if I never found this place.
This site is the one chatroom room I come to when stressed. Most people are nice and are there to talk to when you need the help. I even met some foreign students who ended up coming to my school the following semester which was so kick.
I Go On TC In Most Of My Spare Time Now..Im So Glad I Found This Site Its Sooo Cool..I Love Meetin New People On Ere..Every1 Is So Fun & Easy 2 Talk 2..Thanks TC!!
I have been coming here since I was 13!!! Its been a thrill, and it never fails to be a source of fun. There is always someone to talk to, whether its intellectual or just small talk!
I really like TC. i met a lot of pretty amazing people on here.
TC keeps it raw!!! =D thanks for everything!
TC rocks!!!...its a rad place where ppl can meet and chatroom in peace....n talk about cool things.....i have found an old friend there.....thank u TC!!!!!
This Place effing rocks! u can either find me in Emo Or Scene Kids<3 i love this place u meet some pretty rad people my name is always indieXpants u se me u better TALK!

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