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Great place to meet up with people all over the globe and enjoy yaself laterz....JOSHO - JOSHO from Australia - Australia Chat
- TC is a good place to chatroom, great place to kill time and u meet alot of interesting people! TC is awesome:) - Lisa from ontario, canada - Teen Shack
Reppin GenY! Gotta Love coming online to see the same people every time you're here. I love My TC friends, and We love GenY! Stop in and see us sometime! - Allie-AKA-'Your Homie God' from Indiana, USA
Hey, I've been using TC for like a week or so and I've met so many nice people it's so kool. I've tried other free rooms but this free chatroom is the bomb! - xx.camo.xx from australia - Australia Chat
TC is the number one free chatroom on my list. I hang out here every day and I meet new kids that are very similar to me. That's hard to find. I suggest TC to all my friends! Have good fun, good friends, and good times! - Amy from Maine - Teen Shack
Been coming on Teenchatroom for a while and it never disappoints. Sometimes i get caught up and say on for hours. Hey but i dont mind, its awesome. - Morgan from South Carolina USA
Great site made some good mates here.. Thanks Dan for creating such a great site.. - Mick from Manchester, England - UK Chat
The best chatroom room on the web. I've been coming on here for years and still there is no better chatroom room with such a variety of people from anywhere. - Samantha from Australia
I love this site! It's way cool and a great way to meet new people plus it's free! Every time I'm on,I smile. - Alexa from California - Singles Chat
dude its been like 4 years ever since i got on TC and wow, I've met so many great people from different places its like awesome! I love this place its a great thing to do anytime!
I love it here! Whenever I'm bored I can sure come here to be entertained! I love talking to real people, from all over!
Teenchatroom is pretty much like puppy dogs, rainbows && ice cream cones. Amazing.x
I've been chatroomting here 4ever, TC is the best there are so many different people on all the time so you're never really alone
Well, I think these chatroom rooms are great! I get to meet great people and I always have a blast chatroomting.
hey. this chatroom site is awesome!
I think it is really something to fall back on if your grounded LOL... Especially coming from me because I've been grounded for two weeks now and no matter what someone is always on.
I love these chatroom rooms! It helps people make friends! TC is the new myspace! Dan's the man!

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