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TC is such a cool place to hang out and meet all kinds of cool people. I love TC, it is my favorite chatroom room that I have been on and I've been to a lot of chatroom rooms. Way to go to whoever made this sight!!! - michael from ontairio,canada
My husband and I met in the chatroom rooms on TC about two and a half years ago. We sort of dated and now we're happily married. I'm really glad there's a great site like this! It's better than Match.com! - Sarah Bernard from Bakersfield, California
These chatroom rooms totally rock! I have met some cool people on here! Lets all have fun and rock out! - krista from AR/lincoln/usa - Blind Dates
TC is the most wonderful chatroom site that I have ever visited and I'm just a light-skinned super sexy and super productive beautiful black woman. - Queen_Satch from Louisiana United States
This free chatroom site is great. You get to meet alot of new people. It is also addictive but you will love it forever. Great for singles who wanta meet up with someone but it is the best site in the universe. - Nickey from Washiontion - Teen Scene
TC is soooo addicting, it's so much fun meeting new and interesting people, I Love going in to Tha Canada room, I've made some good friends in these chatroom rooms, and I will always come here to kill some time PEACE! - DeNNiS from Winnipeg, Canada - Teen Shack
I love TC and i love stayin up till 4 in the morning talkin to random people and learning about new things. I just love bein on here period. Ive been on here for about a year now, and i think its AWESOME. So tell everyone. =) - Cheyenne from Arkansas
It's a really kick ass site for people to just hang out and have fun - Kae from someware
teenchatroom is da best chatroom room for teens ever made if i could i would be up here everyday - gregory from norfolk virginia
Met some completely awesome people on here. and also people who are as weird and wonderful as me!!!
I love TC it`s the best place to go when you feel like talking..
I love this website and it's just so fun and simply to use!
this place is so amazing. i love all the people here. it gives me a feeling a of being accepted for who i am and for who i'm not.
This place rocks. The rooms are free and I meet so many interesting ppl here. Thanks to TC, I met one of the best guys ever. My friends love it and I am on just about everyday. Gothic Angel
TC is great ive met so many great people that I wouldnt normally meet and all the chatroom rooms are free!
20's is my fav room, been using it for 4 months or so now and have made friends with most of the regs there, Hey guys =) Great place to hang out and have a load of laughs and good times =P
This website well good :D

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