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Heya Guys Well im carissa 17 from Australia ! ! ! Teenchatroom can be great but where are all the aussie guys at ? ? ? ? We need more of u ;) Well catchyaz - carissa from Australia, NSW - Teen Shack
for a first timer on TC i have met alot of great people, and have also made alot of friends 2 - Heaven from Auckland, New Zealand - 20 Somethings
I like it TC because they are a lot of cool people to talk to. - josh from tn - Teen Shack
teenchatroom is a great way to meet people that are into the same things. and you it's great to be able to associate yourself with people from all over the world! - Saruh from California, US
Been coming to TC for years. Great place to come meet new people. - AphexDownload - Omoikane from Scotland
I love TC it's a great way to meet great people. =) - Shana from geenville,ohio - Singles Chat
Lol, TC is awesome ^-^ I made soo many friendz that are totally kool!!! and it's free. You can't beat free! - Stormy from Minnesota
its awesome to know that people out there are interested in things like yourself. u meet people u never thought existed - Andrew from Battle Creek Michigan
i love TC because it is a really fun place to chatroom with friends and to just hangout - lil angel from michigan
TC is by far the best chatroom rooms out there. There's always so many people online, never gets boring. I've been coming here awhile now, no disappointments yet. ;)
I been coming to TC since 2004 and I've loved every second of it! Every time I log in on to the free chatroom rooms I meet someone interesting and fun. Without TC, life would be a bit more boring!
I've met so many people from my years of using TC, and most of them I still keep in touch with. Good work Dan.
This site's not too bad. In fact I get very addicted to the site. I met a lot of great people, and close friends, as well as arch rivals, and being brought back to come to terms. A lot happens and I want everyone to know. This place is perfect for people like me who just want to take a break from reality. So, I take a bow to the site. Not bad TC, I just wish there were more intelligent people on the site! No offense heh.
Met some completely awesome people on here. and also people who are as weird and wonderful as me!!!
hi i used to go on every chatroom room but now i have found this chatroom room its the best great coulors and great people i have soo many friends on here thanx for improving it now its really kool
TC rocks. I find a lot of people here and it's great on a boring day! Go TC rock on!! It's amazing how many people i've connected with through this system. Keep up the great work!
Yo TC is awesome! I love it here. You get to meet hot girls and meet people around da world. Yo Dan thanks!

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