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i love TC i come hear when im boarded i meet alot of cool pepole......that r now good friends... - kristy from ~fort myers~ - Teen Shack
I came on here about 3 years ago and i cant leave theres always new people to meet and if your into culture like me talking about their country is so much more then what google can do for ya. TC just rocks, its fun and exciting!! The ppl here are so interesting your never short of a laugh or tear. : ) - Joycie from Australia
TC is great! I met a lot of nice funny people on this chatroom. I'm looking forward to meeting more! - Michelle from Canada - Singles Chat
Well ive going on here since i was 15 so i guess im a good ole regular!!!!!! Woooo! - Mike Wood from Nashville Tn. - Teen Scene
it is a great way to meet ppl - aussie gurl 16 from australia - Australia Chat
Bleh TC; You are so very rad, This site is like so Bomb! <3 I love it, and the kiddo's in it! Great job yo, Find me! - AllisonKatex from Arizona, USA
teenchatroom is cool.. only been on it once but ill keep comin back, its fun! xx - Gemma from London, Middlesex, UK
I've experienced a great time each and every time I've been on this chatroom website. It's absolutely wonderful. ps. The people are GREEEEEEEEEEAT!! =D and the girls are prettyyyy - paulgers from Edmonton - Singles Chat
I met all different kinds of people that I can relate to in many ways. When I first came to this site I didn't think that I would meet anyone that I would become really close friends with but I actually have made some friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. Best free chatroom rooms on the web! - Bethany from Manitoba , Canada
This is a cool chatroom room!! I really like it alot better than any other ones!
Love this free chatroom room!! Made soo many great friends in here!!
I've been coming here for about a year now. TC is a great place to meet different people. I've met some good people, and encountered some bad. But over all, TC's a great place. And props to Dan for the new look. <3
I loveeee TC. Sooo many cute guys and girls. oh my too many to choose from haha well my name is famousass look for me =p
I love TC it's so helpful.I mean u get to meet new AMAZING people everyone is nice and cares about u here it's like another home.....i've become best friends with some people on TC and i just LOVE it. Dan is amazing and i am so glad he made this website
Wow this site is the best way to beat the border blues! and that it's free, sweet! I really like this site.
TC is like a home away from home for me. I have met alot of really fantastic people on here. TC is My Favorite chatroom Site By Far. My Favorite Room on TC is Teen Shack It is Tons Of Fun and there are soo many fun people from all around the world to chatroom with.
Its really cool meeting new people in the chatroom rooms and its great that there is a place like this that lets us meet ppl from all across the globe

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