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teenchatroom is a really kul place. There are tons of kul ppl on here. but some ppl can be a little mean. And there r alot of hot girls on here that has msn. I have been going to teenchatroom for about a month now and i think its really kul. - john from indiana - River of Time
Well Ive Been Comin To TC Off And On Fer Years Now And Its Changed Alot Over Time....Its Pretty Kool Now I Guess Now That They Finally Got A Goth Room!!!! Awwweeessome....hahaha --NyXE-- - Nyxe from Alberta Canada
I LOVE the TC rooms!!! They're AWESOME!!! i have been here for like a month. and it is an awesome way to meet new friends and new people!!! and also if u have a problem u can always find someone to listen on this site!!! thanx sooo much for creating this site!!! - Emily from Indiana/usa - Teen Scene
this is definitely the best chatroom site. The only one I ever use and I have made a fair number of friends on here. ^_^ - Shannon from Canada
I Frickin love Juggalo chatroom I get to meet up with all the fam so keep comin los n lettes so we can have more ppl to talk to n ull get to meet me. - Deadly Lette from Minnesota
I love TC!!!! I go into the goth chatroom room everyday and talk to all my friends, theres always new people to meet and old friends to catch up on life with! - phyllis from woodridge illinois
It's an awesome way to meet people cause it's safe and really easy. Its a good idea that it has different groups so you can chatroom to other people that you have something in common with. - hannah from australia - Australia Chat
Absolutely love this site! I've been coming here for nearly 2 years and I've met many great people and had loads of interesting convos. ^.^ I've also introduced a couple of friends that loved it too. Thank you!! - Foxy from Kent; South East England - Forest of Infinity
I love TC. Its great to meet new people. <3. Keep making magic,Dan. - Amy from Pennsylvania - 20 Somethings
hmmm... up late... freakin bored... wat to do?.... chatroom! yeah! :) i <3 this place...
I am hoping to meet some really kewl people on this if you want to know anything just ask...
I love TC...i'm on everynight. it gives me a chance to meet new friends from all over the world. And it allows me to talk to people my own age.
TC is a really cool free chatroom room!! I Can Be On Here 4 Hours! There are tons of cool ppl to meet! :D
TC is awesome! its a good place to meet new friends...!!!!!
I love it here everyone seems so nice and i can just be myself on here and this new stuff its awesome i love it well done to u guys keep up the work luv yas
TC is a great way to meet new people, and is even split into groups. a lot less drama this way. i have made some great friends here, and the EMO room rocks my multi colored toe socks. X3
Lol. Yeah Teenchatroom is great. I've been coming for seven years. Good place to meet cool new people, lol. Look me up Broken Hearts all the way. <3

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