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yeah, its cool. Unlike every other chatroom room this one is actually easy to use. - Iced Earth from Australia
Hey TC is so fun because u getta meet ppl from all over the world its AMAZING :) so have fun yall and thanks Dan for making this fun site. I love it also cause i getta talk to my friends and my 3 sisters yay - Mandy from Maryland
TC has the best chatroom rooms ever. I love meeting the new people and I have a good laugh with some of my friends, I have invited a lot of my friends to this chatroom so that they can share the same fun with me. - Jayde from England - Forest of Infinity
Singles chatroom is a great place to try to find a #1 for yourself :D - LIly Shaw from Canada, b,c - Singles Chat
A great site for people anywhere in the world, no matter where you are from or what is the time it is always nice to see a people to talk to. No other sites are rivals. Love Jo - Josyntje from Amsterdam, Holland
I first started coming to TC about 3 or so years ago and I was addicted :P But then our computer crashed and I was without for about a year...I lost some dear friends here because of contact and whatnot...but...Then I got my computer back and started chatroomting again recently, I've made some pretty good new friends and really like the new set-up! - AcidicLies from Washington
I like this site there may be some people i dont like but most of the people are pretty cool. THank you for having a awesome site Dan! Kisses! - Monica from United States - Singles Chat
its really an awesome place to meet friends - Lee-Ann from Ontario - Teen Shack
I love this place! I'm on here everyday all day in the chatroom rooms! I've met so many awesome people from everywhere and have made some amazing friends , who i love to death... - Talitha from Adelaide, South Australia , AUS - Teen Shack
I LUV TC, I meet a lot of new ppl and it is so much fun! It's free too! I'm gonna keep coming to this site!
This site is really cool. If I'm really bored I come to this site and I meet really cool people on here. And I know real people on here 2. I love these chatroom rooms. I think everyone should know about these chatroom rooms. I'm on here everyday.
I think that this site is just completely awesome! I met amazing friends from here. And it is VERY addictive. Met great people and its like an every day thing, espcially when your bored.
I've been coming to TC for years! I guess I got pretty hooked into this site since. The Career Killer, RH, from the Wrestling room.
this site is funn..i come here like everyday and i get to meet alot of neww plz..and all
ive been chatroomting here for about 6 years i think and i love talkin to people from around the world
I love these chatroom rooms! They're a gr8 place to chill and chatroom with people like you! xxxx
I absolutely Love TC!!! I've met a bunch of great people and i love to roleplay. Dan, you're a genius! =]]

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