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I love these chatroom rooms! I can express my self in ways that I want to . I feel like I'm finally free from all the depression and drama where I'm from. Kinda relaxing. - Sarah from North Carolina
I started coming here when I was 13 - I have met so many good friends through this site. And after 5 years of friendship, one of my best friends became my husband. Today is our one year anniversary =) - Stace from UK - Now USA - Broken Hearts
TC rocks my jocks, and I wouldn't have it any other way!! I use TC a fair bit and think it is, by far, one of the best chatroom sites on the web. I always manage to find someone interesting to talk to and its easy to use.. keep up the good work!! - Kacee from Brisbane - Australia Chat
TC is pretty cool. You can meet new friends and lots of other people. I should of came to this chatroom room 4 years ago. TC is one of the best free chatroom sites around. - Mark from Pensacola Fl
TC is kool =D its fun.. yea.. lots of hot guys :):) - Jade from canada, manitoba
Well I love this site; You can find good roleplay; and there's even a little raver chatroom...which hardly has people in it but is cool nonetheless. Teeh chatroom makes it easy to find which place is right for you; I love it! - Shelli; KittyKittyDina from Ohio,USA - Forest of Infinity
I adore these chatroom rooms! I made so many friendships here! - Anya from serbia,novi becej - Teen Shack
This site is awesome! You meet so many people! It's great to find people in your area that have the same interests as you and all the rooms are free! - joel from sydney australia - Australia Chat
This iz a nice site. I mean I came here and fell in love with my beautiful wife so keep this room up keep doing wat yall do I love this site - mike from atl
the chatroom rooms are pretty funny i like just watching people chatroom its very entertaining!
haha! I love chatroomting to random people and these chatroom rooms are full of random people!
Omg I Love Teenchatroom. I Can Go In There And Talk To My GIRLS And All The Cool Kats I Meet.!!! :) Its Soo Freakin Awesome I Love It!! GOOD JOB DAN!!!!!!!!!!!.. . TEENchatroom IS THE BEST!!!! CAN WE GIVE SHOUT OUTS?! SHOUT OUT TO REYES . . I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG DAN I MET THE COOLEST DUDE IN TEENchatroom NAMED REYES :). Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been coming here for sometime now and I have met many amazing people. One of which told me to do this. So, CARLY! I freakin' love you. You, Lola, and Cait are my girls, and I'm so lucky I have you all to talk to when I get on, everyday. Lol Thanks Dan for TC, if I didn't stumble across this site, I'd probably be dead. <3
Hey! i thought i'd try this thing out."littlemiss" was on here,shes a good friend of mine. so i thought, what the hey! give it a go. This is a fantastic site, honestly met some really amazing people on here, and no so amazing. Keep up the good work everyone =]! - Love SaLly.
Well hey there people. Been coming on here for around 2 years now, and settled in quite nicely thank you. Many a bored day has been wasted quite happily in skaterz, especially during revision time =). Just thought I'd try out this new layouty thingy.. Well, come visit me in Skaterz sometime.. or wherever I may be.. I'm always littlemiss, so drop by for a chatroom sometime.
i love coming to TC i have met people that i have known for over 2 years now and its really cool i love to meet people from all over da world
Hey Hey!!! TC is GREAT!!!! i love the choice of rooms to go in (even thou i only have been in two >.>) but its great fun cheers mateys!!!

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