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Yeah, Teenchatroom's a pretty nice place. I've been coming here a while. Great place to meet people and such. - David from Mississippi, KidZ.
Omg I Love Teenchatroom. I Can Go In There And Talk To My GIRLS And All The Cool Kats I Meet.!!! :) Its Soo Freakin Awesome I Love It!! GOOD JOB DAN!!!!!!!!!!!.. . TEENchatroom IS THE BEST!!!! CAN WE GIVE SHOUT OUTS?! SHOUT OUT TO REYES . . I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG DAN I MET THE COOLEST DUDE IN TEENchatroom NAMED REYES :). Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rae from Washington
Kudos to this site, it's kept my creative juices for drawings going for almost 5 and a half years now! Its a great place to just hang out and find cool people. - FLAMING WOLF from Mosh'LL'Town, Iowa - USA -
These chatroom rooms are great for people that are single or people that just want to make friends! - naima from manitoba, winnipeg - Singles Chat
Yeahh this chatroom room is awesome even tho im not emo, the ppl in this chatroom are kool, so it! - VelvetTearz from Scotland
I have been coming to this website since I was 17 years old and still love it. I have met some really cool people and its lots of fun. TC never gets old like other chatroom rooms! - Crystal from usa
TC is fun, exciting, and really helps me with my confidence. You can meet hundreds of sexy singles ready to chatroom and talk any time in these chatroom rooms. They are all really nice and i really have a blast on here. - AJ from Virginia, United States
i love singles chatroom because u can flirt with whoever u want and u meet lots of great people - amanda from los angelas - Singles Chat
its like my 2nd home!! cOoL pEepS.. vEry AccOmmOdating chatroom rOomS.. usEr friendLy.. sO,whAt are you gUys waitin for?! come on..Lets rock the hause!! mwUahmwUah..!! - honey from united states - Celestial Sky Continent
I have been using TC for the past yr now! The chatroom rooms are fun and easy to use and anybody can get in right away all you need is to make a user name and in less than 5 seconds your in a room ready to speak with people who have different opinions on are narrowed down subject i enjoy this service and it bring me a good way to socialize thank you
OMG!! I love Dan and all of his Rooms! I love all of the new friends I have made!! This is seriously the best chatroom room site ever!! I love you Dan, Nikki, Preston, Jenni (my twin), Alec, Rob, Sean, Alex, Pray, Mary, Brit, Sophie, Chris, Tyler, James, Paul, Scott, Hernan, Jeremy, John, and my favorite; Trevor <3 I love all of you and wouldn't have gotten to know you w/o Teenchatroom!
This site rocks my sox!! The chatroom rooms here are one of a kind and so easy to use and the peeps are incredible! Awesome!
Man your chatroom romms rock and i wanna say thanks!
This place is soooo awesome i hope more cool ppl come onto this site so far most of the ppl are cool well w/e BYE!!!!
TC is an awesome place to make and find me i know from experience so tell ur friends its good
omg I love emo chatroom it rox's everyone understands me more and I meet alot of cool people here -hugz all the emoz-
This chatroom is a fantastic place to meet and make new friends from all over the world, and the best thing is its free.

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