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This chatroom is so awesome. I've been here for 2 years and the people here are pretty cool. TC owns all chatroom rooms! - Girl Alchemist from Texas
Ive met some really cool people in these chatroom rooms! This site rocks my socks! - Jesse from G-ville, Sc, Usa - Teen Shack
Full to the spotty, hormonal, fashionably late and stressed to the max brim with chatroomting teenagers...it's where you belong baby!! :) - The Ultimate Wonder Wench from London, UK
Teenchatroom is crazy- you meet people from everywhere and it includes nearly every topic/label/age group its easy acess and its fun oh and dan@teenchatroom rox! - Lucy from Western Australia
TC is massive Rad. I've met alot of awesome people on here, I love them all. We talk on the phone, through letters, on Msn and on Myspace. The friends I've made here are going to be friends for life. P.S BH Regs, rawk. <3 Lmfao. Love you guys. - Alysha from Aus - Broken Hearts
I love these chatroom rooms! I've met some really amazing people here! Never before have I found a free chatroom room that was this entertaining! - Riah from Alabama
This web site is so much fun, I have a blast. Plus I get to meet cute guys and people from like everywhere lol. I have lots of fun and this free chatroom and it's good for when your feeling down. peace! <3 - Sierra from California
I love TC so much it is one of the places I just go to get away and talk, I have met so many friends off here I just can't wait to log in to start chatroomting! - Jay from Meadville PA - Teen Shack
wkd site!!! luv it!me and ma m8s go on it all da tym and its a great way 2 meet new peepz! - jade from leicestershire - UK Chat
TC is kickass! I've met so many cool people on here. Thanks and props to Dan for creating it!
i been comeing to teenchatroom for the last five years and i met a lot of cool ppl i met my last gurlfriend on here and we were together for 2 years so its a good site to meet ppl
Well me being new to the whole "Online chatroom" experience found this quite refreshing, its a good place to go after a stressful day of school and dance after. Thumbs up
I love TC! It's so cool and my favorite of all its a place where you can meet new people and make new friends.
This Site ROCKS
I love this place. It's so full of diverse and wild people that you're bound to find someone that you get along with. I know I have.
Its fun to chatroom u met a lot of cute gurls n make many friends all of my myspace friends r from TC except 2
It's awesome. It's a great place to share intrests and meet friends. You start to become part of a group and get to share opinions and be yourself.

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