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This site is soo incredibly awesome i mean i thought i saw the best but obviously TC has blown me away. There are awesome people on and very interesting topics. I have recommended this site to a couple of my close friends and they have said they loved it. This site is da "bomb" - Gretch from West Australia - Teen Shack
this site is so cool, ive only started it yesterday, but i already made so many friends!! - Foxyroxy from europe
This place is Kickin!!!! - Sierra Dooley from Minnesota - Teen Shack
I enjoy every minute when I am in TC. It's my favorite chatroom room. I have meet lots of cool people and most of my msn contacts come from TC. TC is like another way to get around the world and meet those really off the hook peeps. I've been coming to TC very often since two years and every time is just better and better. I send you all warm greetings from my home country Belize, the English speaking country in Central America and by the precious Caribbean sea. - Dion Vansen from Placencia, Belize Central America - Singles Chat
I love TC! I can have fun meet friends and hot singles and there are so many chatroom rooms to choses from so you know what kinda people you're going meet! - amber leigh from mich - Singles Chat
TC is very fun place to go and just hangout and meet new ppl... & be nosy in other peeps conversation lol... I really like this chatroom site... It's the only one I EVER go to! and believe it or not... there's a lot of respectful ppl here that I've talked to. I LOVE TEENchatroom.COM - Krystal Wooten from South Carolina USA - Teen Shack
i love it in here it's so kool and i met so many people including important ones..I LOVE IT - areilla from boston, ma
Hey everyone! I've been going to this site for about 2 years already and I love it! I usually went into the EMO chatroom as suicidalshay but now i go in as XbrokenXgirlX so look for me if you want to have a fun chatroom! - Shay from wisconsin
hey to everyone out there just wanna say TC is great for u single pplz out there and i just want every1 to know that ur my baby phil i'll luv u 4 eva n always mwah oxoxoxo - Natasha from australia victoria
I totally LOVE these chatroom rooms! I met my boyfriend here like 4 years ago. We still come here. Thanks for making my dreams come true :)
TC is the coolest thing EVER. It's so great to meet new friends, or help those in need. You guys are so awesome! shout out to everyone I've met on here.. my pregnant ladiez, keep goin' strong. Thanks TC! <3
I love these chatroom rooms! I met a lot of ppl here its so much fun!!!!:)
I love this chatroom rooms site! I get to make heeps of friends! It's cool.
It's an awesome place to meet up with friends and people who you dont know and get to learn about them. Plus its also a great place to meet singles and maybe date.
This iz a nice site. I mean I came here and fell in love with my beautiful wife so keep this room up keep doing wat yall do I love this site
TC is a great site to make new friends. Its addictive too. I'm on here almost everyday. lol.
hey andyxemo here, TC rules! if you are looking for people in your "genre" VISIT THIS SITE!! you WILL meet Awesome People!!

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