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TC gives all a place to vent, chill out and meet amazing people everyday. I've been using TC for about a year and a half, and i love it. My myspace has filled with friends, and also my msn. So who ever made this chatroom. Thanks. - JohnnyFalls from Edmonton Alberta Canada - Singles Chat
Teenchatroom Is a good way to meet new friends!This chatroom line is a fun and creative you have to try this,ITS SO AWSOME:) Val:) - ValStar4 from San Antonio,TX
TC is awesome! I've been coming on here for ages. I have some of the most amazing friends in these chatroom rooms! Like Christina, Nat, Liz, Mandi and all the boys. Love them all to pieces. You'll see me around in either The Back Seat or Rock chatroom. < 3 - Coffin Romance from Australia!
TC is almost indescribable! I've met many great friends on here and I can always find someone who shares my same interests or who wants to talk. I'm never bored on here. Keep it up! - Thursday from Maine USA
Aaa. i have been coming on this site for 4 years now. i think its ace. i meet some propa ace peoplee && some of them become really good friends. [: - Princess from England - UK Chat
Hey this free chatroom room is way cool cause when I am like felling bored and I go on it speak to people and don't feel bored. It's way cool! - lauren from america - Singles Chat