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I've been coming to these chatroom rooms for 4 years and I've met SO many nice people! I've had good times and bad and it's just nice to know that you can always come to these chatroom rooms and let your hair down. Thanks TC! LOVE YA!!! JessicaDawn - Jessica from Virginia - The Padded Cell
I love TC!! especially roleplay the best room to be in! I'm always on it almost 24/7! - Stacy from California - River of Time
When I first came upon this site I thought it was just another lame website..but instead it was pretty cool and the more I came to this site the more ppl I met and I love how ppl on this site r actually a lot like me in many ways so its easier to connect..lol yea i love these chatroom rooms..aiight payce - Bethy from Manitoba , Canada - Teen Shack
I LOVE the TC rooms!!! They're AWESOME!!! i have been here for like a month. and it is an awesome way to meet new friends and new people!!! and also if u have a problem u can always find someone to listen on this site!!! thanx sooo much for creating this site!!! - Emily from Indiana/usa - Teen Scene
This site is real friendly and safe...i love coming on here in my spare time, the people here are so nice. If anyone wants to chatroom, im in the EMO! room as usual =) ~ - WaterWings from Blackpool
TC Is A Great Place To Come And Meet New Friend And Possibly Pen Pals. It Creates A Care-Free Environment For Teens Who Have Problem And They Feel They Need To Talk To some body Who Doesn't Know Anything About Them You Feel As If Your Not Getting Judged, Or Simply To Have Fun! Ive Been chatroomting On TC For About Two Years, And The Advice/ chatroom Rooms Are Get Stronger, And Are Also Changing With Society. - Ashley from San Francisco, California