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I think TC is really cool because theres a lot of cool people in these chatroom rooms to talk to. I've even met the perfect boy for me over TC so yeah, it was worth it. - Melissa from Texas
i love it...its differnt n i love meeting new guys that are like me....like the same music and stufff.....Rock on TC! - Mel from London
I think that Teenchatroom is a great way, to meet other new people to socialize with. As there is a huge variety spread accross the world. You can also ask for peoples opinions in personal situations & it stays private! Teenchatroom Rocks! - Corey from Western Australia - Teen Shack
hey this is a Awsome site. you can talk to people all the time. someone different is on every day. it is a totally different experience, every dang time. - Jade from staton island
I enjoy every minute when I am in TC. It's my favorite chatroom room. I have meet lots of cool people and most of my msn contacts come from TC. TC is like another way to get around the world and meet those really off the hook peeps. I've been coming to TC very often since two years and every time is just better and better. I send you all warm greetings from my home country Belize, the English speaking country in Central America and by the precious Caribbean sea. - Dion Vansen from Placencia, Belize Central America - Singles Chat
I love TC. It is awesome. I have been on many chatroom sites but none compare to this. Nice one man. - Dante from Plymouth England