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i love how teens get to have a website where we can chill and chatroom with other teens. - cheriane usher from Louisiana
I really like TC. i haven't found another chatroom like this one. i really enjoy it. ive met alot of cool people too. and alot of cute boys. - Steph from Peterborough, Ontario - Singles Chat
TC is above all the most wikkid chatroom rooms out there. You meet really chill people and you can pretty much talk about anything you want. And maybe even find that one guy that you absolutely love to death lol. Anyway this place rox my sox. - Contessa BabY from Nevada - Broken Hearts
It's a deadly page to go into just to meet new people, just get advice or anything really from just wanting new friends, to just talking to someone helping you out with your problems with boyfriends/girlfriends to family its just a really good chatroom room - kelly from newfoundland, canada
I love the chatroom rooms at TC! I've been coming here since i was 16 and I love this place. There's a room for everyone and you can talk to people that are into the things you are! THANKS TC, YOU ROCK! :) - pearl from bradenton, florida
TC is a great way to meet new people and to get up to a whole lot of fun! :P - Teagan from Brisbane, Australia