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I like it. It's more girly. =). - Keiko from England.
This site is cool. You can meet people and just chatroom about anything, definitely the best free chatroom rooms! - jack from New York - Blind Dates
this is great. i love it! So many chatroom rooms! - Cassie from New York
TC rockz!!! i've met some awesome ppl here. It's been so fun. I've been here for awhile and it never gets boring. good job Dan. - amber from North Carolina, USA - Forest of Infinity
het ppl this is brent TC is the best you get to talk to cool ppl from all around i've been using it for years peace - brent from USA
First time I was at TC it was pretty cool. Meet a lot of funny and cool people. So I try to come every time my compters on. - justin from Alabama, Moblie