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Ha. Yeah this site is pretty cool. Met some awesome people. One in particular. She knows who she is. Been on here about a year or something. I still talk to the same people that I met my first day. There are a lot of different people here, so you're sure to find somebody with the same interests. - Alex from Pennsylvania USA
This is Lindsey from the Nerds room. I love these chatroom rooms. I come here every day. It's a great place to make friends and chatroom. I met my boyfriend Stu on here. - Lindsey from North Carolina
This place is sooooo awesome! i have met some real kool ppl on here! not to mention good friends...i have a blast when i come onto this site...it like rocks my socks even wen im not wearing any! lol - Samantha from Odessa, Texas - Teen Scene
hey ya i like this site too, it has lots of fun ppl on it, and most of the ppl are gud to talk to and i like chatroomting with females and theres no lack of that!!! - lilman 26 from kingston ontario - 20 Somethings
i have met sum really spaztic but cool people in these chatroom rooms... fun trips - frausdot from CA
TC is by far one of the cooliest places to meet new people. I like talking a lot and meting new friends, and i talk on here a lot. Awesome free chatroom rooms! - Michael from Port richie,Florida - Teen Shack