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I love this site! I have come here for years! The chatroom rooms ROCK HARDCORE!!! well I hope you keep up the good work Dan! Your amazing and I'm glad u made this site! - Shelby from Florida USA - Teen Shack
hi there pll i think this site is ace u meet new frends and have fun at times lol - shane from im from the uk - Teen Shack
holly wowness... TC = life! I've met some pretty kickarse people, but to top it all off, i finally found a family i belong in! Christina, Nat, Mandi, J, Joe, Dava, Candice, Ash, Liz, Jake, and now Marty I <333 you guys/gals!!! - Jax from Palm Bay Florida USA
TC is a great place to meet awesome ppl and if ya need to chatroom about something you can theres always a room you can find that can help your problem or just to chatroom, many of time i have come on to TC coz i have something i need to talk about with someone but find it hard to go to friends or family. its just a mad ass site all round, thanx to Dan. - Ash from sydney, australia, nsw
I just love this site! Its so cool.It gives teens the chance to be them selves and just have fun. Plus its safe which is a plus! - tamy from new jersey - Teen Scene
like i love ur sit it has the most awesome people and chatroom rooms. I love the nerds chatroom. The guys are so hot, not like the jocks thanxs - jessica from new york