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Yo This Site Is wat It is i met alot of friends on here and i made a best friend about 3 years ago and we are still best friends 2 this very day. If u aint on this site then u missing out on some good things. - Melody from Bronx,New York
TC is wicked! Loads of people always in the chatroom rooms, theres no gettin bored on here someone will get in convo with you, also great place to meet new mates, iv made a mate on her before its awesome! - Jaid from Guernsey channel islands - UK Chat
i love these chatroom rooms! Its really kool you meet alot of ppl that share tha same interest as you so far all tha guys think that im hot - tasha from tennessee - Teen Scene
This is the best chatroom site by far and I come on here all the time. I've yet to find better chatroom rooms anywhere! - nathan from unted kingdome - UK Chat
TC is a place most kids go to for refuge during their lives, when they realize that some of the people around them suck. then they meet better people here. its only a matter of time before they might just click with another. this place is a link better than school and im glad i was introduced to it - Whoopy Stick from Upstate New York
Hey there everyone, I just have to say I love this site. It has so many different free chatroom rooms that I love but I think preps chatroom is the best. I have so much fun chatroomting with different ppl. I highly recommend using this site. - Aaron from Seminole,OK