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i love TC because it is a really fun place to chatroom with friends and to just hangout - lil angel from michigan
I've been using teenchatroom on and off for about 9 years now and I love it. Everything - from the interface to the fact that Dan (the owner) himself randomly pops in sometimes! - JuzAGirl from United Kingdom
TC is a great way to meet new people and make friends. In real life, I'm pretty shy, but here I can just be myself and find people with similar interests. This is definitely the best chatroom site with the most variety. - 420 from Michigan
I love goth chatroom. I meet a lot of people in these chatroom rooms. I've been on TC for 2 years. I think it's an awesome place to talk online. I've been to many chatroom sites but this one is like myspace, its addicting and you can't get enough of it. - Nikkole from illinos
like total WOAHNESS Dude! ever since i was 13, i've been coming here and it just keeps getting better. =D i've made the BEST of friends too like Christina, Nat, Mandi, Joe, Candice, Ash, J, Josho, Dustin, Liz, Lex and many more =D. they are the reason that keeps me coming back for more! friends = life. that's what TC is all about <3. you did good Dan, you did good. The BackSeat is my home <333 - jakeface from Florida USA
Honestly, I come to TC every day. It's a bit nerdy, yeah, but it's fun. Besides, I like to lurk da interwebz! - Natalia from Massachusetts