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I really enjoy being on these chatroom rooms and meeting cool lads and lassies from all over the world. The people here are funny and cool, also enjoyable. And making friends here is so easy. Keep up the good work and keep signing on here. - Isibael McFarlin from Mayo, Ireland - Blind Dates
Okay, I absolutely love TC! Never before have I been to a free chatroom room with so much diversity and such friendly people. I'm totally addicted! - sexylove from alberta - Blind Dates
I love TC get to meet alot of cool an interesting ppl u get to talk about random stuff n its juat fun ive been on TC since last year and it addictive i love it. - BoricuaKing from NY
Heh, I've been going to T.C. since oh heck, when there was the chatroom room "The Bar" (All you old timers in teh cell know what I'm talking about). Anyways, in the chatroom rooms you end up talking to people for couple days and over time it seems like they become family almost. TC is a GREAT place to meet new friends, trust me, my MSN is full >.< - John from Chicago, IL USA - The Padded Cell
O! Im So FrEaKiN EmO!! TeeNchatroom Is AwSuME!! - Cassy from Independence Missouri US
pretty rad. a place where a bunch of teens can just talk about whatever. its actually almost as rad as myspace. [[which is saying a lot]] :]] - Alexandria from Jacksonville, FL [USA]