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Well what can i say, i've been on an off this site for about 3 or 4 years. met some awesome people especially Ashley. If i hadent met her i dunno where i would be right now. Like she means alot to me an i dont think she knows the full extent of how much. Thanks Dan for making such an awesome site. - Joshua from BC Canada - Teen Shack
I'm Luke Lando! I've been coming to TC - Nerds room for about 2 Months now. All the people on TC are great! Thanks for making such an awesome place to chatroom. - Luke from Colorado
~*ok well I am kinda knew here at this site but as for as long as I have been on here TC iz pretty kool! Theres somebody new to talk to each day. It really iz one of the best TCting sites I have ever been on so yea TC iz really really kool*~ - ~*Jamie*~ from Yonkerzz N.Y. - Singles Chat
TC is rad! I've been here for awhile and its awesome :]] entertains ya when your bored and these chatroom rooms are free! Can't beat it. - Alex from Australia
TC is an awesome place to chatroom with friends you dont see. I love all the rooms it has. From time to time you meet someone you want to get to know betta. - Becca or kitty from arizona
OMG! TC is off the hook! The chatroom rooms are so awesome! I have met soooo many friends and i cant wait to meet more. My favorite room is Singles. - Heather from 30103 - Singles Chat