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This site is really cool. If I'm really bored I come to this site and I meet really cool people on here. And I know real people on here 2. I love these chatroom rooms. I think everyone should know about these chatroom rooms. I'm on here everyday. - Imani from New Jersey
Teenchatroom is a great place. I met the first love of my life here, who is currently my ex but through that I met many cool people. It gives you a place to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself. Thanks for everything you did in giving me that chance with him and meeting many more people. I spent a lot of good years here and watched it grow and change. - Melissa from Novi, MI - The Padded Cell
I like it TC because they are a lot of cool people to talk to. - josh from tn - Teen Shack
I love the singles chatroom rooms! I go on every friday and I love it!!!! I hope everyone else loves it to:)!!!! - Natosha from Flordia/United states - Singles Chat
Yeah it is a pretty cool place to find new people to talk to. :) - laterria from statesboro - Singles Chat
Ohh, I love the TC rooms, 1 year and 10 months ago, I went on there for the first time, and I met this guy called Josh, and from then on he has changed my life, we have been dating form then, and even though we live apart the relationship is great, I would have never met him if it wasn't for you guys, thank you so much, I love you allll. xo - Julieeeeee from Birmingham, England.