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TC pretty much is the best thing since... I dunno. something great perhaps. Anyway i like it. you get to meet new people and express yourself at the same time. its brilliant - Austin from Texas United States
This site is just brill : ) and even better its free! Number one chatroom site !!!!! - coombessy from plymouth - Teen Shack
Met some of the most important friends I have here!! Been on this chatroom for years, and never fail to come back and enjoy it =] Thanks for everything you've given us Dan! <3 - Kyza from Wales - The Padded Cell
I love TC! I get to meet hot guyz! - Luz from Colorado
I love these chatroom rooms! Its very fun and different from any other chatroom room I've ever been in its just fantastic. I come in here almost everyday now Cause I meet a lot of new people. So chatroom on! - Dava Disaster from Denver Colorado
These chatroom rooms are great for people that are single or people that just want to make friends! - naima from manitoba, winnipeg - Singles Chat