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This is by FAR the best chatroom room i've ever been to and it's free! Keep up the great work Dan! - Cassie from Wisconsin, United States - Singles Chat
i just think it is a cool way to meet new ppl! - Jesssica from PC,Florida,USA - Teen Shack
These chatroom rooms are fantastic! I've been on here for a couple of months and I absolutely love the place. I've made so many great friends on here, many lifelong friends as well. And surprisingly enough I bumped into someone in here who I haven't seen for years. Guys u rock keep up the good work - Steffie from Perth/Australia - Australia Chat
OMG! These are the best chatroom rooms ever! I have tried tons but non are as good as this! I've been coming hear for around 2 years now and am so addicted to it. I love it. Love the site guys and the new layout. Keep up the good work and cyas l8er - SUNNYCOAST GUY from austraila qld - Teen Shack
TC is not the thing to do when you are bored on the net, it is the thing to do, period. I am so lucky to have found it! - whit from T- Town, Arizona
TC is a great place for people to meet new people and maybe one day find the person you think is your one. - Beth from Arkansas