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Native American Chat

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TC is freakin awesome! I've been coming on here for a few yrs and I've met a lotta random people on here, some I'm proud to call my best friends. Its great to be able to chatroom to people all over the world and u learn a lot about different places. - kris from Perth, Aus - Australia Chat
TC is awesome, been coming here for years n still stays cool...met some very nice n hot people on here too! - Millse from Holland
TC keeps it raw!!! =D thanks for everything! - Lisa from Fl, US
this is a really cool place & lots of fun 2 talk 2 ppl!!! - Rae from Philly - Love Counselors
TC is uber whoa....I it...It's a great place to come when you're bored. I'm normally on as MethiiFACE. So if you see me TALK! =] - Amber from Indiana, USA
These are Awesome Awesome chatroom rooms! I go here all the time and meet some really.... "Interesting" people. It's also a good place to chill out and chatroom with my already made friends...And my sweety but ya..Awesome chatroom check it out people!! - Kevin from Canada!!