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TC is one of the sickest chatroom sites you'll ever come across, with it wide variety in chatroom rooms, and an insanely large number of people to chatroom to everyday, so when your bored and have got nothing to do i suggest you come here. - Zane Chronos from Newman CA - The Padded Cell
I've been coming here for years, and I can't get enough. I have made so many friends in the redneck room, I can't even count them all! For us all, the room is just like that lil town that if you blink, you miss it... and everyone knows everybody. I love it here, and the friends I've made are out of this world! - Duramax from Ohio
I think this website is cool,cos' if other people don't have msn they can come here to chatroom for FREE.I chatroom on here about everyday,I just think you should add a little more,like a music playlist built in here,that would be sweet.Your doing a good job Dan. - Dalton Dryneck from Northwest Territories (Canada)
I have been going to for about a year and a half. I love it cuz I have so many awesome friends all over the place. I love Broken Hearts and Singles Club, But I also go to many other rooms as well to see what's going on with many other people. This site rocks! - Lexeh from Arizona United States - Broken Hearts
This site is chillin! haha, I met soo many wickid ppl on this chatroom, an the LOVE of my life! <3 thanks Dan, you're a genius!!! peace out!!x0x - Kitty from Brampton, Ontario
Teenchatroom is a great place to meet nice people and to just chatroom !! - blonde-emo from canada/bc