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Teenchatroom....The ONLY site i'll go to to chatroom! I found this site FOREVER and 2 lifetimes ago! And i've loved it ever since! I've met good AND bad ppl here! Yet its STILL addictive!! I've got a lotta my friends addicted too! Ive made a lotta new friends on here...friends i'll never forget whether we still talk or not. <3 Bree, Ash, Joc, Alex, Krissy, Justin, Trey, Larae, Jaybear,and Nessa! and Many Many Many MORE!! I <3 Teenchatroom! - ThatBrokenGrl aka Jessica from North Carolina, USA
I'm 16 from England. I have been using TC or longer than I can remember now and have met soooooo many amazing people. The chatroom rooms this site has are just awesome and you are guaranteed to meet someone cool every time you log on! I absolutely love Scene..Prep and Emo rooms..!! - Josh from Woking, England - Teen Scene
Just wanted to say ive been goin here for ober 5 years and i must say im simply addicted lotsa coool people to talk to with many diff rooms thanks man - richard from washington united states - The Padded Cell
This chatroom room is so much fun. i love talking to friends and making friends. ITS GREAT.Its the best chatroom room ever.=] <3 - Carlie from California
I've been going on this site for so many years its hard to count. But this site is awesome, and if anyone wants to hook up with me or something I'll be in the singles chatroom room. - ViolentJ19 from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia Canada - Singles Chat
I love these chatroom rooms! I have met a lot of real cool people in here & its a great place to talk to different people from all over. - L a u r ii e from Cardiff