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I absolutely love these chatroom rooms! I met LOADZ of friendz....and I'm still meeting new people! It's so's like Myspace! =) - Vicki from TN - River of Time
Its alot of fun to chatroom with people when you are bored and this is a great place to do just that. I love it DUH! - Jade from Virginia/Usa - Teen Shack
TC! There honestly is too much to say! I used to use it when I got bored, but it's become an addiction at this point! Best part is def. the peepz, thanks to T.C. I met my 2 new BFF'S Dag && Britty! <3 u girliez! Catch me in the single's room or TC shack under Cheerleda Lily, See ya around! <3. - Cheerleda Lily from Cali L0ve U.S.A. - Singles Chat
I haven't been on this site for very long but i think it is very cool as you meet new people and u get to chatroom to random people from all around the world. - martin from london - Singles Chat
THISzZ PLAC3 ISzZ TIGHT! - jessica cabello from kansas
TC is a great place to met new ppl ive got tons a friends on here , ive met a few in person ive told tons of friends bout it and ive been commin here for about 3 years ... *showin*sum*love*to*tc*!!! - *beckah* from duncan oklahoma