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This Site Is So Awesome! I've Made Friends Here, And Actually Got A Few Dates Out Of It! Its Been Fun And I Hope It Goes On For A Long Time! - Mr. Eclectic from Paramount/Los Angeles, CA. - Singles Chat
TC is sooo cool! You can chatroom with ppl all over and its totally free and no spies, scams, or spams! TC totally changed the way I chatroom! - Tierra from pa - Singles Chat
I love these TC rooms wat can i say ther just fun to talk to random people you dont no init!! an its fun getting to know people on these chatroom rooms an you can meet loads of fit lads on her wkd!! - Xx~Harriet~xX from Alicante Spain Moraira - River of Time
Well ive going on here since i was 15 so i guess im a good ole regular!!!!!! Woooo! - Mike Wood from Nashville Tn. - Teen Scene
I think TC is really cool because theres a lot of cool people in these chatroom rooms to talk to. I've even met the perfect boy for me over TC so yeah, it was worth it. - Melissa from Texas
I love these chatroom rooms! People here are so funny! - GoThGuRl666 from Maine, United States