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I love TC, if it weren't for love counselors, I woulda never met Andi, and he's like my best friend man. And I can't forget Mike and Staceh. They're cool. You can meet the entire crew in love counselors. ^.O We're cool, I promise. - Benji from Raleigh, NC, USA - Love Counselors
Hey everyone! TC has to be the best chatroom site on the net! It kinda sucks that I am 21 now so no longer a teen :( but I recommend this site to everyone and I've been chatroomting here since I was 16. If you have ever chatroomted to DrPhil on here that would most likely be me. Everyone have a great chatroom and keep it friendly guys I'll see you in here! - Nick from Newcastle, NSW, Australia
I get to hang out with peeps that are like me and know what I'm into!! There is so many peeps to meet so little time!! i love these chatroom rooms!!!! - Lizzy from MO Nixa US
Teenchatroom's Fun If Yew Have Alot Friends Online....And Its Exciting!!! P.S I Go On T/C During School Argh! xxx - Shirindy! from Lutsel K'e,Nwt-Canada - Singles Club
This site is great! One of my closest friends told me about it and from then on I've been coming here! I really like how they have the different race-based rooms 2 get a taste of everyone's ideas in a room where they feel comfortable! I've met some really cool people who keep it fun and since it's free I can invite all my friends. - Jeanette from Texas
haha! I love chatroomting to random people and these chatroom rooms are full of random people! - Nicola from Taranaki - Singles Chat