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TC is a great place to meet new people. everybody has there unique quality to make them interesting. you never know who your gonna talk to when you get on here. thats why i like it - Jet Mason from Hollywood, CA
Mmm.... I've been here for too long... Lmao..... Keep saying I'm going to leave, yet it's irresistible..... I can't help it.... - Gin from Indiana - Love Counselors
Heya... I think TC is so owsum, ive met really great people here!!! The new look is fantastic!! Its alot simpler and attractive... keep up the great work. I tell all my friends to come here... thanks a million... xx - Natalie a.k.a SydneyBaby15 from Sydney Australia
TC is the best site ever. Its a great place to make friends. I think everyone loves this site!!! I do. - Belynda from California
I've met a lot of interesting people here. Proving intelligence can be found in chatroom rooms after all. - Day Tripper from Tennessee
me likes TC ^_^ is an awesome site i have been coming i forgot how long i been coming to this site but its a long time lol and any new pplz ! welcome! - danielle from winnipeg MB - The Padded Cell