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Wow, I can't get over how long I've been going on TC now, 2 years! I'm hooked, this site is way too addictive, one of the best sites I've been on, good job, keep it up, love ya! - Amber-Jade from Plymouth, UK - UK Chat
TC is fun to meet new people! i meet some new every time i get on here! - Autine from USA Colorado
I've been chatroomting here for about five years, and it's really one of the best places to make friends and chatroom about anything at all. Living in the city I do, it's hard to find something to do, so TC has saved my life. Thanks Dan! - SnappedStitches from Texas - The Padded Cell
TC is "AWESOME"!!!!its a great place 2 come on and just chill when bored or whatever. I come on like 24/7 when I am grounded. lol. you have fun and meet great new people. - Andrea from new mexico
Yo TC is poppin i see mad people on hear everyday i meet new people and have a good time everyone seems to be cool but yea this ya boy (((PACKIN))) ENJOY THE SITE!!!!! - PACKIN from Atlanta
It's an awesome place to meet up with friends and people who you dont know and get to learn about them. Plus its also a great place to meet singles and maybe date. - misbah from england - Singles Club