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TC's undoubtedly one of the best sites out there, and indefinitely one with variety. Keep up the good work, Dan. - Mike Williams. from Du Bois, Pennsylvania. - Forest of Infinity
I have been coming to TC about a year now i love it so much because u meet hundreds of cool people thats how i met jason he is from texas to just like me....have fun people and be safe - Jamie from paris tx
Hey ...whats up! i love this chatroom room it great to meet new ppl.:) - Carly from ONTARIO - Broken Hearts
dis site is kool thanx dan for making dis site i've been to other ones but they suck i've been going here for a year n man i'm stuck to it - David from Cali - Blind Dates
Wow, I never Though I could get away like this. These chatroom room's are awesome. especially, when you have no one to talk to! The chatroom rooms are free so everyone can join. It's awesome! - Michaella from British Columbia
loving teenchatroom at the mo, buzzing with so many ppl, always someone to talk to, keep up the good work & look forward to more features being added in the near future!! Richie - richieboy from west mids, uk - UK Chat