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This place is really awesome. If I need to just vent, I can always find someone on here that is willing to listen. - Skylie from Ohio
TC is great ive met so many great people that I wouldnt normally meet and all the chatroom rooms are free! - Lucia from London
This is the best chatroom ever! It is for all teens to get to know other peoples and have fun. This is the best chatroom for teens looking for friendship. - mneni from united arab emirates - Teen Shack
i love singles chatroom because u can flirt with whoever u want and u meet lots of great people - amanda from los angelas - Singles Chat
I've been going to TC for about 5 or 6 years now and it's been one of the most growing experiences for me socially. Most of me and my friends in real life chill out here after school. - Jasmine from SC, United States - The Padded Cell
It's pretty cool. There are some cool people in it, and I've met some awesome people in it as well. I come here when I just need to clear my mind from stuff and chatroom to people. - Leslie from Texas