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It's an awesome place to meet up with friends and people who you dont know and get to learn about them. Plus its also a great place to meet singles and maybe date. - misbah from england - Singles Club
I met lost of friends on TC, I don't look for relationships, just friendship, and i found it here! :) - Michael from England - Teen Shack
I've been coming here for 6 years, on and off. It's a pretty cool place to hang out when you have some extra time. The people here are entertaining, to say the least. - Chris from Washington State, USA
Heh, I've been going to T.C. since oh heck, when there was the chatroom room "The Bar" (All you old timers in teh cell know what I'm talking about). Anyways, in the chatroom rooms you end up talking to people for couple days and over time it seems like they become family almost. TC is a GREAT place to meet new friends, trust me, my MSN is full >.< - John from Chicago, IL USA - The Padded Cell
I love this room b/c roleplaying is my thing completely I love TC I love the people on TC I love everything about TC but this room is the most awesome one out of all of them! - Demetria from Michigan Untied States
These are great chatroom rooms to meet new people! I come on whenever I'm bored and always find a friendly face and loads of entertainment. Some really weird and wonderful people to be found, just like me! - Patience from London uk - Teen Scene