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These chatroom rooms are cool! I've met tons of friends and and nice people. I love the relationship chatroom room. I would recommend this site to any one. - Sharnell from Washington,PA
There are so many kool ppl on here and awesome Juggaloz and Juggalettez so thnx for makin thys chatroom its awesome and so many roomz to pick from but therez only 1 for me JUGGALO ROOM well thnx l8errrrr! - Justin from Texas
This site is sweet. When ever im bored i come in here and jump into one of the rooms and im no longer bored. There are a lot of people to talk to and you make new friends or new enemies. its awesome! - Cliff (Smokin Aces) from Indiana - Broken Hearts
Haha, TC is like, my e-home away from home. It's a great place to meet people; locally AND internationally, A place to relieve any stress, and just generally have fun. TC is 'the best thing since sprayed cheese.' (L) - Twigg. from WA, Australia.
i LOVE TC! It's so awesome! I meet so many hot boys and girls on here! - Kassie from Toronto
Iii really like these chatroom rooms. They're cool and exciting! - Cloii from florida - Blind Dates