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I've been coming here since before TC became popular! I love this site. I've met my boyfriend(soon to be husband) on here. I've talk to so many different people from all of the world. Thanks TC, your great! - Samm from Alberta - Singles Chat
I love everything about TC. You meet new ppl or you tlk to ppl nd become friends. It's an experience to tlk to other ppl around the world in these chatroom rooms. - Connor from Newcastle
TC is great! I stumbled upon this site the other day and I can't stay away now! I'm having so much fun meeting the ppl. These chatroom rooms rock! - amber from australia - Singles Chat
I love emo chatroom! :D It's got loads of nice looking emo lads in there and i like to chatroom to emo girls and boys. I'm glad I found these chatroom rooms because I can have a proper conversation with people and make new friends :D - Sophie from Lincolnshire(england)
TC is awesome, i used to be on here everyday when i was younger and it still has many good qualities for me today i can still chatroom and have fun on here like i was when i used to go on here! awesome place always highly recommend it! - Scott from England Nottingham
I have only started coming on here. And i think it's awsome. I go to diffrent Rooms and the People are awsome. =] Met some Nice People on here :) - Steph from Scotland.