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TC is a great way to make new friends. I have been using TC for about 4 months and it is the best. - Luke Ward from Victoria, Australia - Teen Shack
TC is awesome, been coming here for years n still stays cool...met some very nice n hot people on here too! Best free chatroom rooms on the web. - Sydney from Illinois - Teen Shack
Wow, this site is the bomb! I met some really intellectual people on here along with some very ordinary people who just wanted to have good fun. If you're bored of meeting and talking with the friends that you hang out with or have just broken up with your boy/girlfriend, this site is for you! - Zaid Atique from Ohio/ U.S. - Singles Chat
TC rockz!!! i've met some awesome ppl here. It's been so fun. I've been here for awhile and it never gets boring. good job Dan. - amber from North Carolina, USA - Forest of Infinity
Pretty sweet site! Amazingly good free chatroom rooms! Great place to chatroom wit friends and pep more than friends!! Come chatroom me up! - Jenna from N.s - Singles Chat
HAHA Teenchatroom freaking rox. Great ways to meet freaking awesome people!!. I go in Teenchatroom alot. So talk to me if your there. I'll most likely reply to you. - Shandee from Wyoming - Teen Shack