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TC rocks no matter what kinda people ur looking to meet u find all kinds of cool, different, random people it is always fun to explore ur curiosity by meeting new people you never know where a simple hello could lead you. - Tiffany from Beautiful British Columbia. Canada - Teen Shack
Dude TC is the best free chatroom! I've been goin here for a few years now always makin new friends. I recomend this site to all new people. Always a good place to chatroom and have fun when your bored. - amy from bangor, maine - Singles Chat
Hey! Ive Been coming here for about 4 or 5 years, lol! Only chatroom room I like! Meet Some really Cool people for sure, cool place to go when Im sick of studying or I jsut don't want to, lol! Cya in chatroom! Krissy aka Cuddles - Krissy(Cuddles) from Newfoundland Canada - 20 Somethings
TC Is Cool! I Love It Because I've Met Some Cool People And Made a Whole New Group Of People I Consider My "Play Family". I Would Have To Say The Rap Room And African American Room Is My Top Favs To Go In But Their All Great - Nikki from HtOwn
Awsome site. And a little adictive i must say. Met lota of new people and i hope to meet more. - Hollie from Uk - UK Chat
This is a cool chatroom room!! I really like it alot better than any other ones! - Katrina from Tennessee