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I think these chatroom rooms are the best ever! I meet so many cool people on here! :) - Richy from uk - UK Chat
Haha, TC is like, my e-home away from home. It's a great place to meet people; locally AND internationally, A place to relieve any stress, and just generally have fun. TC is 'the best thing since sprayed cheese.' (L) - Twigg. from WA, Australia.
I love TC! I found it at school when I was bored. The metal chatroom room is so cool and I think its wicked to talk to people with the same interests and tastes that you can't find in your area. - Shell from England
TC is so much fun and addictive. A great way to spend time and I make a lot of new friends. If you see me in the room and wanna chatroom, give me a shout :) - xX Jenny Xx from London, UK - 20 Somethings
Ok so I know alot of people here now, and there awesome >.< lol and hmm Teenchatroom is fun when I'm bored cause I talk to new people and act like a nerd...It's an everday thing now. It's FUN! - Dava Marie from Denver, Colorado
i love TC.. && the people are really amazing. no one really gives credit for the creator of this site so i will :) THANK YOUUUU <3 - brittany from florida