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I LOOOOOOOVE the emo chatroom room, so many people that are in there just like me!!! I love you guys! - brandy from ct
Great place to meet people! new so many new and interesting people from all corners of the globe! - kilian from ireland - Singles Chat
Man this site kicks major ass, I have been coming here for a year now and i have already found the most wonderful guy and met tons of new friends!!!! Its amazing!!!! - Arielle from Florida - Teen Shack
Tenn chatroom is awesome I've been one this site for 2 weeks and i have met a guy in the chatroom rooms who is just brilliant so thanks TC for getting me in to your site. I think everyone should go on TC even just for the fun of it it's a great way to meet new people. xx - Evie from Hemel Hempstead - Teen Shack
its really kool like you know whatever, hehe - suzy from UK
well, this is an fun way to meet new people i think . i really enjoyed chatrooming with all the wow and funny members . maybe u will to . - trina from couth carolina