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well i'v enjoyed TC for about 2 years now, Itz a great place to go if you want meet new people or you just want sum one to talk to! Plus, the chatroom rooms are totally free! - taylah from australia - Australia Chat
Teenchatroom has been gradually getting better and better since I've been here. You miss your friends that move on, but it does a good job of attracting new ones. The place is looking fantasmerific. - Rowen from Texas
Im IrishxandxEmo from the Emo room!Teenchatroom is my place! Im way not into Myspace, it's what everyone's doing, so I shunned it. I found TC and set it as my homepage. Its where I spend most of my internet time! <3 TEENchatroom RULES! <3 - Marie Antoinette from London, England
TC is the best place to make new friends and meet new people, its my fav chatroom room ever im on it like 24/7 lol. - Brittany from Perth Western Australia - Teen Shack
I was introduced to TC a few years ago and I've been coming here regularly for a while and I love it, you meet some interesting people here. Keep it up!! - Steve from Arkansas - Broken Hearts
if u wanna have da best time chatroomtin' eva or u wanna meet da coolest ppl around all ova da world just com'n in !! - Senchy from Egypt - Singles Chat