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Yo! TC is wicked mad! I've been on the chatroom rooms here since I was 16 and I've met a lot of awesome, interesting,and helpful people here. I hope I can chatroom with everyone someday! pCe OuT! - Deon from Texas - Singles Chat
This place is sooooo awesome! i have met some real kool ppl on here! not to mention good friends...i have a blast when i come onto this like rocks my socks even wen im not wearing any! lol - Samantha from Odessa, Texas - Teen Scene
I love this chatroom, whether I'm hyper, depressed, or bored I can always find someone to talk to :) - Heidi from Alberta, Canada
i love it cuz when i'm home all bored or feeling lonely or just had a bad day but don't want to tell anyone u can just on and - BRiiTTNii3!!! from Texas/Plano - Singles Chat
I've experienced a great time each and every time I've been on this chatroom website. It's absolutely wonderful. ps. The people are GREEEEEEEEEEAT!! =D and the girls are prettyyyy - paulgers from Edmonton - Singles Chat
I don't have a favorite room. I love them all! It's a great place to meet new people and it takes away the boredom. I love that we aren't censored like all the other rooms and if you don't like someone you can simply ignore them! - Jen from South Carolina USA