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TC is an absolutely awesome website, I've met so many cool people here especially in the Local Australia room where I've made many new friends and spoken to some of the most interesting people around. Catch me around sometime as Zell. - Zell from Victoria, Australia - Australia Chat
i love TC i had found the 1 gurl 4 me now ex the site is fun good laugh so people come on and enjoy I'm addicted to this site its fat - barry from united kingdom - UK Chat
This site rocks my socks. And it also rocks all my other clothes. <3 - Emily from Oshawa, Ontario
TC ROX!!! I've been coming on here for about a year and I'm hooked, come on who wouldn't be?! Free chatroom rooms dat rock! And who can forget all the new awesome frendz u can make! xoxoxo - Teekamae from QLD,Australia - Australia Chat
uk chatroom is the best, love all the guys n garls iv got to know! private roomz are great when u just wanna catch up with your friends, tell all your friends to join in the fun! - klayer from scotland - UK Chat
TC is a great place to meet awesome ppl and if ya need to chatroom about something you can theres always a room you can find that can help your problem or just to chatroom, many of time i have come on to TC coz i have something i need to talk about with someone but find it hard to go to friends or family. its just a mad ass site all round, thanx to Dan. - Ash from sydney, australia, nsw