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well, I've only been on TC for a little while now, but i think its uber cool. I didn't know you could meet so many interesting people on the internet, until a friend suggested this place, but now I'm like always on here. I lover it and it's free! :] - Niko from Jersey- US - Singles Chat
I've been on TC for a few years now and I've met some really cool people. Always find people that are interested in the same music and I love to just use my free time to sit and chatroom. - Heather from Ontario
hi I like TC. It gives me a chance to chatroom to people especially of the opposite sex when i am too shy to in real life - Danny miller from Reading uk
I love chatroomting on here to fellow punks xx i luv to be rock head and i am bit crazy at times but ded easy to get on with soo dont hesitate to talk to meh okies xx :P - ashleigh from uk,manchester
Wow! TC has got to be the most amazing of all the chatroom rooms I've ever visited! I haven't been coming here for long but already I have met loadsa cool people!! TC Rox My Sox! - Alex Gilbert from Liverpool, England - Teen Shack
I'm new to this chatroom but so far, it's really cool, I've met some new people and they are totally cool. I've told all my friends about TC and they think it's cool too. - Krysstyne from OKLAHOMA