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This site is the one chatroom room I come to when stressed. Most people are nice and are there to talk to when you need the help. I even met some foreign students who ended up coming to my school the following semester which was so kick. - Tony Ray from Nebraska USA
Teenchatroom gave me my sweetheart! Thank you! Long Distance Relationships DO work - Kenneth Burch from Lufkin,Texas
this is a really cool place & lots of fun 2 talk 2 ppl!!! - Rae from Philly - Love Counselors
These free chatroom room's are GREAT!! I met So Many People and Sexy;) ha ha I Love It Here!!! Holla at Shamika!! - Shamika from Richmond,Virgina
TC has been great for me as i split up with my girlfriend a couple of days ago and since singing on to hear i have learnt how to have fun with the lasses again so come on girls if ur up for some fun get ur self online and talking - matty s from middlesbrough uk - Broken Hearts
I absolutely adore TC! I come on all the time, and I've met some great people=]. It's tons of fun and totally free! - Sarah from Canada - Teen Scene