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These chatroom rooms are cool! U get 2 meet new ppl n solve ur boredom! - dannielle from new south wales - Australia Chat
This place is great! I love coming here and meeting new people. Everybody's awesome, there are some haters, but I just ignore them. Padded cell is my "home". I love that place because everybody is just as crazy as me. - Jose from South Carolina, USA - The Padded Cell
I love the hippie room it awesome lots of layed back ppl looking to chatroom with good ppl it a good place to look for a nice chatroom come and find me my usual name is Box Of Cereal come find out for ur self who knows maybe u'll like it - Robert Houle from North Dakota, Belcourt
Hey there, TC is great i have meet a few people on here that are really great people and i love to come on here and just talk to all the people and see whats up! its a great hangout on the net! - Trycia Berry from New Brunswick Canada
Yeah, Teenchatroom's a pretty nice place. I've been coming here a while. Great place to meet people and such. - David from Mississippi, KidZ.
TC made it possible to meet people from all around the world. It's a great place for teens to hangout and chillax, y0. Yeah Toast! Because of TC, I've figured out why cows lay eggs. w00t. TC GangstaZz fo life. o.O - Staceh from Albert, Cana - Love Counselors