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Man, I love TC! It lets me use my creative ideas and lets me express myself in ways I wouldn't normally, I especially love how I can put in parts of my book and see what other people think of it, all i gotta say is, TC rocks, owwwww!!!! - The Soul Collector from Ohio, USA - Forest of Infinity
I love the hippie room it awesome lots of layed back ppl looking to chatroom with good ppl it a good place to look for a nice chatroom come and find me my usual name is Box Of Cereal come find out for ur self who knows maybe u'll like it - Robert Houle from North Dakota, Belcourt
i really enjoy teenchatroom it gives you place to just chillax and just chatroom with others into the same stuff and there are allot of rooms to choose from so you have allot of different personalities to choose from its AWSOME! - jewel from polson montana - Celestial Sky Continent
Skaterz chatroom is amazin u get to meet ppl that share ur same passion and talk on this long ass convos i love it - Caroline from Dallas/Tx
Hey everyone ! I adore these chatroom rooms! I have meet some remarkable people on this and some long lasting friends. I love all the different rooms. You also will almost always see me on this. SO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO GET ON!!! - Tara from Canada - The Padded Cell
TC has been a little retreat for me, get away from everyone on msn family, you know what i mean. people are great, they all make me laugh and i continue to enjoy chatroomting on here =] - Hols from Uk - UK Chat