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The two years that I've been going for TC have been a long process of creating and maintaining strong friendships with the wonderful people of these chatroom rooms. I feel as if we have made a lot of progress with the server. I'm starting to even invite my friends from school and this is our place to chill when we're bored. - Korin from SC, United States - The Padded Cell
OMG...Best free chatroom rooms ever! I even met a bau Camo (nathan) u so much babz. This chatroom ROX!!! - TaShIe_BaBy from Brissie - Australia Chat
TC is a great place to meet new people. everybody has there unique quality to make them interesting. you never know who your gonna talk to when you get on here. thats why i like it - Jet Mason from Hollywood, CA
if u wanna have da best time chatroomtin' eva or u wanna meet da coolest ppl around all ova da world just com'n in !! - Senchy from Egypt - Singles Chat
i really like this site i think it is a good place for young people to get help and get to meet new people - mya from missouri
I've been here for a really long time. It's a good place to meet awesome friends, long time loves. And people that will be there for you no matter what! So, get through the drama make some friends be creative. Use your brain. =] I love all my friends they all know who they are! I Love You guys! - Ryan from Oklahoma