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YEAH! TC Rocks man! DAN ROCKS! ... yes new people and stuff here its fun normally in emo or punk which ever suits me aye, so many new chatroom site - DeadPoeticGirl from Australia
Teenchatroom is a awesome site and if u dont have a account u should get might just get to talk to me! - Michelle from South Carolina/USA
cool site! best free chatroom I have ever been on! met a lot of hot guy (and girls) from Aus and the rest of the world - sarah from Vic Australia - Australia Chat
I just love TC, and there are a lot of great people! There are lots of new friends to meet, and rooms to visit! There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet! - Oldskoolstyle from Ut/ US
TC is above all the most wikkid chatroom rooms out there. You meet really chill people and you can pretty much talk about anything you want. And maybe even find that one guy that you absolutely love to death lol. Anyway this place rox my sox. - Contessa BabY from Nevada - Broken Hearts
Yep. I've been coming to teenchatroom since I was 13 Years old and Im 19 Now. I Met Some of My RPG Buds On Here. Oh the Memories :) Great Place to meet some of the nicest people ever! SmackZ Aka Chelsea :) - Nagi Ruchielu from West Virginia, USA - The Padded Cell