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Everyone is welcome.there so many different kinds of people n groups.i love the variety. - brittany from U.S Fl - Broken Hearts
I love the singles chatroom because I meet lots of great people all in the same place! Meeting great guys online makes for a great conversation. I love any chatroom that has to do with love in general, but the singles is my favorite! I love TC; it's the best free chatroom ever! - Chelsea from New York/United States - Singles Chat
This chatroom room is the bomb! I've never met so many people in my life that I actually adore. All of you. I love you to death. :] And I love this place. <333 - Dani aka Musette from California/U.S. - The Padded Cell
I love TC...who ever said you never meet your one true love in the chatroom rooms are completely wrong. I met the love of my life on here and I couldn't be happier. Thanks TC! - Meagan from Kansass - Singles Chat
i luv this site it totaly rox my sox i come on ere when i'm bored n i alway end up meeting new people n there all kewl n fun to talk wi ... - katarina from london/uk - Teen Shack
Hey guys, this chatroom room is really fun. You get to meet new people.. I usually get on with my friends, and we talk to people. This is really neat.! Talk to me. - Hannah from Georgia, USA