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LOVE THIS SITE. Its Incredible. Bravo - Chase from Texas USA
Theres Dan....need i say more xox - Chootie from Queensland, Australia - 20 Somethings
TC is the best place to chatroom with people YOUR own age! It lets you expand your social circle all around the world; ALL my friends use TC! - Fellie from California, United States
Teenchatroom is a fun place to come to. I've met lots of friends here. Even when I didn't have internet for some time, and then came back, alot of them still remembered me because they remembered talking to me on here - Allan Watkins from Ohio, USA
Oh my jeez! TC rocks. I found lots of friends on these chatroom rooms. You talk to people that are just like you. Its wonderful. I love it....-Serindy- - Serindy from United States
TC is a beast! It's the best teen site going! - lauren from liverpool - UK Chat