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YEAH! TC Rocks man! DAN ROCKS! ... yes new people and stuff here its fun as...im normally in emo or punk which ever suits me aye, so many new people...top chatroom site - DeadPoeticGirl from Australia
I love these chatroom rooms! I'm here everyday meeting others with the same interest. This is the best free chatroom ever! - Winny from london
i love this thing lol i like talkin to the guys on here lol my other name on here is emo girl and sexy goth so u want to find me ill probably b in goth room in the hangout place lol yah boh-yah lol - tory from texas
I think I first stumbled across this site when I was 14. Five years on I still log on to TC sometimes. It's easy to find like-minded people to talk to here. Kudos for making this place have such immense staying power! - Laura from Finland
TC's gotten me some great friends. I lobe them all. It's the people that make TC. =D - Lara from England/New Zealand
I have been going to TC for a little bit over a month now and I already love it! Plus its free! Good job TC - Zach from Idaho