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OMG! These chatroom rooms are amazing! Tons of cool people! I love to chatroom on here when I'm bored makes everything fun! - Jessica from B.C. Canada - Teen Shack
TC is a kool place to meet...anyone. Whenever I'm bored I just get on here and chatroom with people. - Ethan from Tn/Usa - Teen Shack
I think these chatroom rooms are the best ever! I meet so many cool people on here! :) - Soph from Uk
These chatroom rooms are awesome! I have been on here for three years now. It is good for talking to your mates and meeting new people. - Matthew Christie from Scotland New Elgin moray
Well me being new to the whole "Online chatroom" experience found this quite refreshing, its a good place to go after a stressful day of school and dance after. Thumbs up - Michael from England - Singles Chat
Really...TC owns =] - Lianna from HOUSTON - Blind Dates