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The greatest chatroomting site! I meet cool people here and have a laugh and chatroom and meet more new friends, lol! I'll love this place till death and the chatroomting rooms are even more updated and even more kool!! <33 - Misa from Malaysia
I love this site. I've met so many good people and MOST people are good for a chatroom. <3 - CoUgAr from Sydney - Australia Chat
Hi guys.. Were new on here!!! We just started using this a few days ago and it's been brilliant!!! The best chatroom site we've used so far. Keep up the good work guys!!!!!! Ellie (left) and Dani (right)xx - Ellie and Dani from Louisiana America
Aha, I've been here a long time, and i've said like dlkfjlskdfjslsdkfj million times that im going to leave and i can't its like addicting kinda like myspace. Wow I feel like a nerd. - Bai from Minnesota
I was introduced to TC a few years ago and I've been coming here regularly for a while and I love it, you meet some interesting people here. Keep it up!! - Steve from Arkansas - Broken Hearts
I have been coming to TC about a year now i love it so much because u meet hundreds of cool people thats how i met jason he is from texas to just like me....have fun people and be safe - Jamie from paris tx