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Heh, I've been coming on here for a year so far, I met my best friend Ashley Here! because of this, I've got lots new friends and I make more every day =3 - Aurora Uchiha from Dallas, Texas - Forest of Infinity
I LUV TC, I meet a lot of new ppl and it is so much fun! It's free too! I'm gonna keep coming to this site! - Candy from Wichita Falls, TX
This site is like the best chatroom site u can go to. u meet alot of great people. The free chatroom rooms here rock! - Kassandra from Tennessee - Teen Shack
hey to everyone out there just wanna say TC is great for u single pplz out there and i just want every1 to know that ur my baby phil i'll luv u 4 eva n always mwah oxoxoxo - Natasha from australia victoria
I love these chatroom rooms! I have been coming here for like 5 years.. This place is pretty freakin awesome! - AshGasmTasstik from Indiana
Woop woop! I've met my best friend in the whole wide world in TC! It's kind of awesome that the Juggalos have their own chatroom room! =] YAY! I love you, TC. <3333 xoxox - JynX from Beverly Hills, FL