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I've been chatroomting on here for about 2-3 years now and so far it's been by far the best chatroom site I've encountered. Y!chatroom doesn't hold a candle to TC, nor does MSN or even MySpace. - Sheila-Rae from Ontario Oregon - USA
Hey peoples TC is the best. I have never been able to find a chatroom room that has so many people that are JUST like me. I LOVE TC. Even though I have only been in this chatroom room for like a month it's amazing I'm telling you, you will never find another free chatroom room like it! - Amber from Manchester, KY
I love this roleplay, it gives you the freedom to be what you want and do as you please. Its a great place to meet truly amazing people and go to a place that only your imagination exists. ^.^ - Jenn aka...GoldWereWolf and BlackDragoness from Main, Usa - Forest of Infinity
GO THE AUSSIES! We so rule aye! Yea love this place, I know it may seem stupid and nerdy but meh. I found the love of my life in these chatroom rooms. So ppl get on here and chatroom away. I really thank TC for all they did. - Sammy from Kempsey - Australia Chat
I love this place! I have made who knows how many friends and I sure hope they like me o.o; I'll admit this is one of my favorite places to go. Others are way to crowded and not enough options to choose from which is annoying. anyways.. I <3 this place!!.. yet again lol :D - Jo from Wicked city Utah!
It's cool! I love it! haha ye go chatroom! go Canada! Dan rocks! Thanks for making it free! - Kat from Ontario - Teen Scene