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I love TC it`s the best place to go when you feel like talking.. - Trey from Indiana,Evansville
I have been coming on these chatroom rooms for only a couple of days, and made a few friends! This site rocks, the best chatroom site I have ever been to. Keep up the amazing work! - olivia-ellietheone from oregon-port orford
TC is a fun place to meet new people. Or even meet the one you love. I met my boyfriend on a chatroom. We've been together for almost 10 months and we are so happy with each other. I'm always on TC, so maybe I'll talk to you one day. LOL. - Kim from Missouri, USA
I am new here but I have a good feeling toward this site. I can see friendship and love in every single corner of it. Thank you TC for every friend I will get with your help and I am sure there will be a lot of them. - aniss from tunisia - Singles Chat
I love this place. It's absolutely amazing. All of the different people you get to meet, all of the different ways to interact. The tons of rooms to go into. Whether you're looking for a friend, or just a good Roleplay, this place is perfect. <3 - Danielle from California
I love TC! It is so much fun and it helps you find new people! I've met many amazing people off these chatroom rooms! I've told all my friends about it! - mush from round lake IL United States