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Hey I love these chatroom rooms! I made a lot of friends with it and when I'm board I just come on and chatroom and its awesome that it is free! - matthew blue from canada - Australia Chat
TC is GREAT! I come to these chatroom rooms about everyday and talk to all my friends I've made (brian, brian..lol, Ashley, Cooter, Sam, Amber, Ashleigh) and a lot of other people... - Lindsey from Virginia
This is one kool site. Can meet lots of interesting people. Good place to go to kill some time!! - Kat from Ontario, Canada - Singles Chat
The greatest thing I have found about the TC rooms would have to be the different kinds of people you can find. No matter what you are feeling, you can ALWAYS find someone who is going through the same. - Ali from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I love this chatroom room it the only place I can brush up on my people skills while amusing myself with my vivid writing style, people here really give you a chance. - Rhyvah Dranius from Australia Qld - Forest of Infinity
Punk Rock chatroom Is The Sickest Thing Around!!!! - Dizzy from Grand rapids mi