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omg this is the best teenchatroom ever, its easy and free.if it wasnt for u ppl i wouldnt of met mi bf shawnn. its koool i like meeting knew ppl and its safe and fun. plus im 15 and i can talk to ppl my age kool! luv ya all if anyone wnats to talk to em i would either be in the emos, punkz,sk8ers, goths, or canada and im under EmO-cHiCk, caatch l8er - SHAY from WINNIPEG
I'm from Malaysia. I love TC. This is a super cool website for teenagers! LOVE it! - Avril from Malaysia
Omg there is so many cool ppl on here! Like thankz for creating this website ! peace ! - danielle from Canada - Broken Hearts
TC has given me so many opportunities to meet people from all over the world. I have met Soooo many crazy, fun people who I found out... are just as mentally retarded as I am. =P (No offense to those who are.. simply a phrase). Thanks Dan! You'll never know how much your site saved my life... haha. xD TC GangstaZz fo life yo! T0odleZz. - Miss Muffet from Alberta, Canehda - Love Counselors
I love this site because I meet so many different people and its something to go on when your bored, and this is also where I also met my Boyfriend! =P - Ryley from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Teen Shack
Singles chatroom is a great place to try to find a #1 for yourself :D - LIly Shaw from Canada, b,c - Singles Chat