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I think TC is an awesome way to meet new people. The people are usually really friendly, and lots of hot guys :p I LOVE IT!!! - jessie from australia - Singles Chat
I love TC! I met very cool people on these chatroom rooms and i still talk to them all the time! - jessicakay from akronohio - Singles Chat
I have been coming here since I was 13!!! Its been a thrill, and it never fails to be a source of fun. There is always someone to talk to, whether its intellectual or just small talk! - Beth from Austin, Texas - 20 Somethings
this place is so amazing. i love all the people here. it gives me a feeling a of being accepted for who i am and for who i'm not. - Starla from Ohio
Wow! TC owns my heart! <3 property of Teenchatroom >> - Katie {{Medikated}} from West Virginia
hooray! i <3 tc cuzz u can meet amazing people and its pretty dang entertaining. yay - GabyExhale from Onatio Canada - Broken Hearts