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WOW! TC is the funnest place to go when your bored! I have been in chatroom rooms for about 3 hours just talking. And its pretty great. I love it! There are tons of coo people and they aren't creepy stalkers like most people think... Best free chatroom rooms I've found. - Kristen yo. from AZ - Teen Shack
i think TC is a good place to meet friends, I've been on here for 4 years, any ways just have fun!!!!! - aubrey from craig,colorado
TC rules i come on here a lot as rgg i mostly go to alternative chatroom if you wanna talk find me - jason from ontario,canada
I spend most of my time in these chatroom rooms. I love this place! It's a great way of making new friends. I love the way it has changed and i hope it stays open for along time to come. - Hannah from Hampshire, Southampton, England - The Padded Cell
Hey Teenchatroom... I love this place mostly because i met my girlfriend here. Teenshack is the best room cause thats the room where i met my girlfriend Vikki. She is the number one girl in my life and i love her so much. Thank you for making this room. - Kevon aka Gangsta from Ontario Canada - Teen Shack
This Site Is So Awesome! I've Made Friends Here, And Actually Got A Few Dates Out Of It! Its Been Fun And I Hope It Goes On For A Long Time! - Mr. Eclectic from Paramount/Los Angeles, CA. - Singles Chat