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I think this is an interesting chatroom site, I spend a lot of my time here. I think it should be expanded with more varieties so more people can enjoy it. - Leyleigh from Miami/FLA
Teenchatroom is the place to be, Teenchatroom is where you'll find me, The emo room is my place, Many names but just one face. - Margie from US
Teenchatroom is soo RAD i <3 it you can meet soo many awsome ppl here and yea it's great - Lisa from Colorado United States
TC is a great place for us [teens] to just chill and talk to other people. It great because you don't have to tell anyone more than you want to and each room has a specified topic, so you can really jump right in on any topic you like. - Angie from Pennsylvania (USA)
TC is great with a capital K! *thumbs up* And it I would like it even better if there wasn't that creepy pink font. Love the hang out rooms, there is something for everyone. - Cemetery from BC, Canada
OMG! These chatroom rooms are the best place to meet new people! Some of my really good friends I met here so please stay and chatroom!!!! - lizzie from Nevada/reno/U.S.A