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When I dun got nuthin' to do (Which is consiquently most of the time) I come to Teenchatroom's wonderous metal room. If you want to chatroom in complete harmony, without the threat of people like Kae from 'somware' then please! Join us in the metal room! Alot of people only go there because of the level of intellectual debate, alot of people don't even listen to metal! - Christopher from Bournemouth, England
This is a great place to meet new and cool people....I love it...I've meet some cool and exciting people on here....If you find me don't be shy and say hi to me...Peace out!!! - Mykell from Muskegon,Michigan - Singles Club
I've been coming here for years, and I can't get enough. I have made so many friends in the redneck room, I can't even count them all! For us all, the room is just like that lil town that if you blink, you miss it... and everyone knows everybody. I love it here, and the friends I've made are out of this world! - Duramax from Ohio
I think this website is cool,cos' if other people don't have msn they can come here to chatroom for FREE.I chatroom on here about everyday,I just think you should add a little more,like a music playlist built in here,that would be sweet.Your doing a good job Dan. - Dalton Dryneck from Northwest Territories (Canada)
I love this site! It's way cool and a great way to meet new people plus it's free! Every time I'm on,I smile. - Alexa from California - Singles Chat
Awesome chatroom rooms! .. ever and never leave it lol :D .. peace yo out - ChroniC from leamington ontario canada