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I've been coming to this site for over 4 years now and I've never had a hard time finding someone to talk with...this if my favorite chatroom site! - Amano Hazormi from Kernersville/ North Carolina/ Us - The Padded Cell
TC is that deal!!! Its one of the only chatroomrooms that i think people actually still TALK and stay true to THEMSELVES. Its nice to talk to people and just enjoy yourself. TC keep doing your thing!!! :) - Bryan from Columbus. Ohio
I love it. It lets you meet new people from all around the world with different backgrounds and cultures. - Carissa from Texas, USA
I've been coming to TC for several years, and when I first started here, it was in an entirely different room. Then I began going to the Padded Cell, and since then, I've made so many nice friends. Thanks for such a creative site! - Kitty from California - The Padded Cell
i <3 TC! there's lots of kewl chatroomrooms for ppl of different scenes, rooms for punks, goths, emos, ect. i've been here on and off since i was 13 and i've met a lota kewl people, so thanx! - rockrangel from florida, usa - Teen Shack
TC has awesome chatroom rooms! I remember when i first went on it about 4 years ago. This was the first website I ever chatroomted on before, and I thought it was real cool! me and my friend stood up talking to people all night just chillin. thanx for the TC site Dan. - Brandon Andrews from Florida - Teen Scene