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These chatroom rooms are so cool! They always have loads of peeps in them and the chatroom rooms are always free! I love it! - nate from Kenosha Wisconsin - Teen Shack
haha! I love chatroomting to random people and these chatroom rooms are full of random people! - Nicola from Taranaki - Singles Chat
TC keeps it raw!!! =D thanks for everything! - Lisa from Fl, US
OMG I love it! I have meet so many kick ass people, no one rocks harder than Jimmy, Akumi, my Joe's and LEO!!!! The Cell is like the best place to just sit and chill with awesome people, I mean, I visit others (redneck, gen. Y, Juggalo) and they all are just so awesome, TC is the place to be to make new friends! - Kitty from Kansas - The Padded Cell
TC rocks! I cures the boredom pronto! - Rayna potter from Idaho
These chatroom rooms are great for meeting new people and for talking about all kinds of different things. I just love this site! - Jessica from Canada - Teen Shack