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I've been going to TC for 4 years and it's quite obvious that it is HIGHLY addictive. Met so many people I completely adore. Just a place to come home and chill out on. TC is -the- best chatroom room site, way to go guys on such a successful place for teens! w00t w00t. TC GangstaZz fo life. =D - Miss Muffet from Alberta, Canehda - Love Counselors
I think TC is prolly the easiest chatroom room center available.. as far asi have found. i wont go anywhere else to talk to ppl. you get used to the commands and meet really kewl-i-o ppl! - Jessica from Portland Oregon - Teen Shack
me likes TC ^_^ is an awesome site i have been coming here...um i forgot how long i been coming to this site but its a long time lol and any new pplz ! welcome! - danielle from winnipeg MB - The Padded Cell
I love TC! In singles you meet great singles from around everywhere. I recommend it and any others that appeal! Great place TC!! - Lauren from T'ville NC - Singles Chat
TC is great amazing infact u get 2 talk 2 so many new people from all over the world and find out about their experiences in life its fantastic!! - levi from england,london - Blind Dates
I love TC. I'm always on these chatroom rooms. I think it is the best chatroom site I've ever been on. I love goth chatroom cuz its awesome. cool people too. - Nikkole from ILLinos