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I've been coming here on and off for about three years. I've met some of my best friends in here and I have some fond memories that will stay with me always and I wouldn't trade them in for the world. You all should know who you are. =]] - Endlessly from Ontario, Canada. - 20 Somethings
I love teenchatroom it's awesome i think they made there new one perfect now they got a gothic chatroom in there yeh thanks you teenchatroom! - Demetria from Michigan Untied States
I've meet SO many friends in these chatroom rooms and it's a lot of fun to chatroom, it's safe and the whisper thing is cool! No other chatroom place can you actually do actions! - nancy from salisbury north carolina u.s.a
This site rules....lots of people and lots of fun....i love it...goin on 4 years now.....this site rules - yourman4life from Brandon Manitoba canada - Teen Shack
I love these chatroom rooms. They are very easy to use and fun to be in. Almost everyone here is nice and will talk to you, I come here almost every day and have been coming for awhile, met a lot of new friends, its just cool - megan from west virginia
TC is awesome you get to meet so many cool people, I've made loads of friends through this site and I would recommend it to anyone - Jay from peterborough UK - UK Chat