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I have met and got to know a lot of people on TC. It is a fun place to chatroom and to just get to meet new people all the time. - Brittany from Missouri - Singles Chat
TC is the best chatroom rooms to talk to new people and see whats going on. You can meet people from out of the u.s. Its really exciting to check out every chatroom on here. This is the place to be to see that guy/girl of your dreams and be happy. - Kayla from sacramento, Ca - Singles Chat
Wwell all I can say is I have been coming here for a long time, and as you say it is very addicting... I really like the role play chatroom room's. Here u feel like where you belong and u talk to people and have a good time talking to people like you. - Elizabeth from Londan, England - Celestial Sky Continent
Teenchatroom is crazy- you meet people from everywhere and it includes nearly every topic/label/age group its easy acess and its fun oh and dan@teenchatroom rox! - Lucy from Western Australia
Aha, I've been here a long time, and i've said like dlkfjlskdfjslsdkfj million times that im going to leave and i can't its like addicting kinda like myspace. Wow I feel like a nerd. - Bai from Minnesota
I love these chatroom rooms because you can just chatroom as your self and make new m8ts xxx - LilMizzMeeee from uk - Singles Chat