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I love TC =] you meet so many great people and learn a lot about everyone. It's amazing <33 - Jasmine from Florida
Teenchatroom is awsome. It's a great way to meet new people. I have been using teenchatroom for almost a year now to meet cool new people and sometimes for a serious relationship. The singles chatroom is great for all the stuff i like to talk about and what im looking for. - Randy R from Reno Nevada - Singles Chat
WOW! TC is the funnest place to go when your bored! I have been in chatroom rooms for about 3 hours just talking. And its pretty great. I love it! There are tons of coo people and they aren't creepy stalkers like most people think... Best free chatroom rooms I've found. - Kristen yo. from AZ - Teen Shack
Teenchatroom is a great place to meet nice people and to just chatroom !! - blonde-emo from canada/bc
I love TC and i love stayin up till 4 in the morning talkin to random people and learning about new things. I just love bein on here period. Ive been on here for about a year now, and i think its AWESOME. So tell everyone. =) - Cheyenne from Arkansas
I enjoy coming on to the different sites on TC!!! No matter what site I go in, I alwayz have new friends!!! This place is simply the best free chatroom ever, an it rocks my socks off!!! - Samantha from Odessa Tx.