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this website is definitely the best place to chatroom because you can meet great people and just be yourself. The chatroom rooms rock! - michelle from Minnesota, United States
OMG this place is the best free chatroom ever! There aint NOTHING like having JUGGALO FAMILY. I'm happy that a place like this is so diverse. It makes me thrilled.... - SunShine from Kentucky
My first chatroom site ever, and still my fave after four years! An awesome place that's come so far and provides so much, with a diverse range of chatroom sites that suit everyone! Thanks a lot TC for providing me with friendships and creative opportunities for roleplaying! - Zhia from Australia - The Padded Cell
Would it be a cliche if i said TC, is fully Awesome!! I think not my friends! Truely, this is the place to come and meet great chaps and chillers! I've met many grand people here!!! Make life rock Guys! =D xxx - Cara from Australia, Adelaide - The Padded Cell
Teenchatroom fracking rules man =] I've been coming on for ages now way before it got changed, it took awhile to get used to the change but its kool now. Ive met some awesome ppl <3 Lars <3 etc (Y) ...Peace xx nightbreed aka Amz - Amz from u.k
I absolutely LOVE TC. It's one of the only chatroom sites that actually have people worth talking to!! I've met some people that I hold very dear to my heart in TC!! I am in almost everyday and it hardly ever gets old!! - Kasia from Texas