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I like it it's a fun place to just well.....TALK haha and meet new people - Emo Clown from New Jersey
Haha, TC is like, my e-home away from home. It's a great place to meet people; locally AND internationally, A place to relieve any stress, and just generally have fun. TC is 'the best thing since sprayed cheese.' (L) - Twigg. from WA, Australia.
I have only been on this site for a few day's and already I have met so many cool ppl! The chatroom rooms are easy to use and totally free! But it dosent stop there I am on the chatroom site like half the day! I love it! - Denym from Kentucky
TC is a great site because it allows you to meet people just like you, from across the country. From the many different hangouts to the role play groups, TC is awesome! - ava from USA
I love TC...Its where you can meet new ppl - tahnee-rae from canada - Singles Chat
Oh i love these chatroom rooms!!! This is the best chatroom I know of. TC has sooo many interesting people and I can talk with them all. It's so cool! ;) - Yakina from Hamburg,Europa,Deutschland