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Well, I've been coming on TC for about 4 years now, I'm in love with this place.. xD I love just meeting new people and chatroomting and being able to be myself other then having to put on a Show, I mainly come from the The padded cell, but I do go in other rooms like Hippies and other ones too.. Anyways Later. xD - Melanie from Kentucky US - The Padded Cell
TC is awesome dude its like i come here all the time and every time i meet someone new so im making pen pals or watever!!! - Billy from Virginia...Ocean View!!!! - UK Chat
I love this site! I have come here for years! The chatroom rooms ROCK HARDCORE!!! well I hope you keep up the good work Dan! Your amazing and I'm glad u made this site! - Shelby from Florida USA - Teen Shack
This site is like the best chatroom site u can go to. u meet alot of great people. The free chatroom rooms here rock! - Kassandra from Tennessee - Teen Shack
uk chatroom is the best, love all the guys n garls iv got to know! private roomz are great when u just wanna catch up with your friends, tell all your friends to join in the fun! - klayer from scotland - UK Chat
I love these TC rooms wat can i say ther just fun to talk to random people you dont no init!! an its fun getting to know people on these chatroom rooms an you can meet loads of fit lads on her wkd!! - Xx~Harriet~xX from Alicante Spain Moraira - River of Time