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TC rocks. I've been commin here for like 3 yrs now. I've met some really kewl peeps here.If ya see me around hit me up for a chatroom.Thankz Dan for da WICKED site. - Sarah from Newfoundland, Canada - 20 Somethings
Hey i'm a blonde hottie ready to start talking about anythang that pops into mind soo wanna chatroom message me doll xoxo - Stacey from Californiacation!
I love going on TC, i've met sum really great crazy ppl and also coming on here I have met the best guy in the world i love him 2 bits he is so totally amazing i've been with him over 3 years now and i'm going 2 be with him for the rest of my life, i think TC is amazin :). - Kayla from England Southyorkshire
TC is a good place to meet new people - dave from nsw - Australia Chat
I have only started coming on here. And i think it's awsome. I go to diffrent Rooms and the People are awsome. =] Met some Nice People on here :) - Steph from Scotland.
I think Pregnancy is the best chatroom ever! I am a Teen Mother and I love other Teen Mother's story's about how they meet there love,how they ended up getting a girl,or boy. It shows me that "Never be afraid of being a Teen Mom,your NOT alone" :) - Kimberly from Topeka