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Loving TC at the moment Great to meet *nice* people - Kristie from Dorset, England
I love TC, it makes it easy to make new friends even if you're shy or not confident in yourself. It also means you can speak your mind. I've made loads of friends on here and hope to keep doing so :] - Steph from Lincolnshire - England - Teen Shack
I love it here everyone seems so nice and i can just be myself on here and this new stuff its awesome i love it well done to u guys keep up the work luv yas - Lynn from can - Teen Shack
TC is the best free chatroom site ever! its great 2 meet new friends and theres lots of hot boys!! xxx - Aysha from Essex,England - UK Chat
~*ok well I am kinda knew here at this site but as for as long as I have been on here TC iz pretty kool! Theres somebody new to talk to each day. It really iz one of the best TCting sites I have ever been on so yea TC iz really really kool*~ - ~*Jamie*~ from Yonkerzz N.Y. - Singles Chat
Once you go to Teenchatroom, and you actually meet cool people, then it WILL become an everyday thing. People can be rude, but that's not very often. Very addictive, and many people love to chatroom. - Blue from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Broken Hearts