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Teenchatroom is crazy- you meet people from everywhere and it includes nearly every topic/label/age group its easy acess and its fun oh and dan@teenchatroom rox! - Lucy from Western Australia
Jocks chatroom is so effin Awesome! I love TC! It's free and easy to use. - Kaitlyn from Lima
this site is awesome i met one of my best friends on this site! and she lives in America. i love the fact that there is always someone new to chatroom to and become good friends wit! - mel from Australia - Teen Shack
this place rocks my sox because i get to meet people like me every day! - Ana from Michigan - River of Time
Teenchatroom is a good place for me to meet real cool ass people in my spare time. - Demetria from Washington
i love this free chatroom cause you really feel like you have people who you can talk to and you gain so many new friends..xoxo - Kilee from akron,ohio - Singles Chat