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I love TC!! It rocks my socks! - Kendrah from New York - Teen Shack
TC is freakin awesome! I've been goin here for bout 3-4 years now off and on! It's an awesome site that you can meet nice and friendly ppl! I've met a lot of GREAT ppl on this chatroom but it can get a lil crzy sometimes in the chatroom rooms! lol... - Katie from Texas
I love this place because you can meet tonz of cute single girls and guys! any age! I love TC! - Mandi from Canada - Singles Club
i <3 TC! there's lots of kewl chatroomrooms for ppl of different scenes, rooms for punks, goths, emos, ect. i've been here on and off since i was 13 and i've met a lota kewl people, so thanx! - rockrangel from florida, usa - Teen Shack
TC is the ONLY chatroom site i'll go to anymore! I LOVE TC! I stopped comin here for a while but I always seem to come back! Why? Cuz it's addictive! I've met soooo many awesome ppl offa here! Friends I'll never forget! You know who you are! <33333 And if you ever run inta me..Dont be afraid to talk to me! - ThatBrokenGrl from North Carolina,USA - Teen Scene
hmmm well lets see TC is way totally awesome i like love it and all you guys are great i love meeting new people,and this place is just way fun! - Liana from Grants Pass,Oregon