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When I first joined I thought it would be boring!! But as I continued it became my addiction! TC is my anti-drug! xo Kennady - Kennady from Tennessee - Blind Dates
TC is awesome =] Ive met a few new friends on here from all over the world, its just a great place to chatroom! Jess xxxx - Jess from England - UK Chat
This chatroom rocks! I am only new and people are already saying hi!! OHH I WISH THERE WAS OTHER rooms LIKE THIS!!!..but then i wouldn't have as many friends....:) - Ashley from Australia
I love being on chatroom because you can talk to your friends an you can just chill and hang out or you can meet new people on here and sit and chatroom wit them. - celina from san diego cali - Celestial Sky Continent
I've met some really great people on here. It's a great place and free too! I've got to meet people from all over the world. - Lisa from Ireland
I don't have a favorite chatroom room. I like them all, I've met a lot of my good friends through this network. It's awesome, I can't choose a favorite room. Every chatroom room that I have gone to has been hilarious, fun, and sometimes kind of stupid. I just like everything about Awesome website. It's totally addictive! I'm on here all the time! - Randee from Ontario, Canada