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I love these chatroom rooms! This is amazing! You can chatroom with loads of different creative individuals who have amazing imaginations.. I love using my imagination, and if you like using yours, then this is the place for you. - Ashley from England London - Forest of Infinity
i love teenchatroom it's a great way to meet new friends from all over the world!! it's great, emo chatroom is the best by far tho !! hehe xoxox - flora from suffolk-england
Hey I love these chatroom rooms! I made a lot of friends with it and when I'm board I just come on and chatroom and its awesome that it is free! - matthew blue from canada - Australia Chat
Ok first off I want to say that TC rocks my socks! lol It's really a great hangout site and as tons of people have stated before me, an awesome place to meet new people, I met someone I care a lot about on here : ) Usually you can find me in the California chatroom and my name's Cali Guy. Rock on TC! - Casey from Modesto, CA United States
Hey all i stumbled across TC one day a long time ago and was amazed that they had such a variety of rooms, i couldnt believe that they had an emo chatroom room and i absolutely love it, cuz i realii do fit in here unlike most other places and the ppl are great to talk to and realii HOT, so check it out and i go by the name sexiililemo, just incase u wanted to chatroom to me, ttfn and hope to see you in there, xoxox - Rose from QLD, Australia
6 years on this site and you think I would get sick of it. >_> But nuh uh. I can't stop coming. Lots of interesting people. Talk to me in The Cell. Zombiie Gutts<33 - Kate from Erie - The Padded Cell