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TC is amazing meetin people from all over is great =p - Kayleigh from Scotland - UK Chat
These chatroom rooms rock! I'm soooo hooked on 'em! You're the best Dan! - AL3JANDRA from CTR ,NEW MEX
I've been coming here for like 5 years now never regretted a minute of it, I've meet tones of cute girls and nice guys. Keep up the good work.. - Darnell from Australia - Australia Chat
I spend most of my time in these chatroom rooms. I love this place! It's a great way of making new friends. I love the way it has changed and i hope it stays open for along time to come. - Hannah from Hampshire, Southampton, England - The Padded Cell
TC has given me so many opportunities to meet people from all over the world. I have met Soooo many crazy, fun people who I found out... are just as mentally retarded as I am. =P (No offense to those who are.. simply a phrase). Thanks Dan! You'll never know how much your site saved my life... haha. xD TC GangstaZz fo life yo! T0odleZz. - Miss Muffet from Alberta, Canehda - Love Counselors
Teenchatroom gave me my sweetheart! Thank you! Long Distance Relationships DO work - Kenneth Burch from Lufkin,Texas