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Wowie! i <3 the emo chatroom, there's so many great people! ive met alot of great people on there :] heehee, if you see me online talk to meeeeeeee!!!! -love skittle xxxxxxxx - Strawberry-x from Scotland
TC Rocks! I've Met Some Really Awesome Friends On Here. My Fav. Rooms Are The RolePlay Rooms! TC ROCKS! - Michaela from New York United States - River of Time
hey yeah this is mad.. i always come here and always meet cool people.. cheers - jase from queensland australia - The Padded Cell
I think it is really something to fall back on if your grounded LOL... Especially coming from me because I've been grounded for two weeks now and no matter what someone is always on. - Michelle from Texas - 20 Somethings
I've been intending Tc for the past, 4 days and so far there's nothing more remarkable and fun to be at. I like chatroomting more here than on Myspace, you have so many rooms to choose from and people to chatroom, weird, boring or cool you'll find those kind of people here :) - Jessicuh from Piqua, Ohio (usa)
I love TC! I can have fun meet friends and hot singles and there are so many chatroom rooms to choses from so you know what kinda people you're going meet! - amber leigh from mich - Singles Chat