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Is the best TC. I could spend for hours there and just chatroom with so many interesting people. - Daisy from Chicago
hey pplz im on TC every day thas how much fun it is at TC--some pplz dunno wut there missin (=^:^=) - XxXSexxiXxX from Ontario,London
Heyyy ... I think Teench@t Is Wi/cked seriously met well lo@ds ov nice ppl! bin goin on ere yrs since like ma m8 told me bout it coupla years ago & im bludy addiicted and if i get bored it sumink 2 do!!! :d:d:d <3 -xXXXXXx- - J3ssiiC@ from Essex - UK Chat
WOW!!! This chatroom room is awesome! I love it..I've meet so many awesome ppl on here its not even funny...all the rooms have their own lil unique thing in them lol but hey if u wanna talk to me u can find me in a lot of these rooms. - cory from Indiana - Broken Hearts
Yah man skaterz chatroom is freakin narley man! This chatroom room rocks my socks off Brah! It's got a lot of cool people in it as well. Check ya Latterzzz - Joey from Lamar,Colorado,United states
I adore these chatroom rooms! I made so many friendships here! - Anya from serbia,novi becej - Teen Shack