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I absolutely Love TC!!! I've met a bunch of great people and i love to roleplay. Dan, you're a genius! =]] - Aubrey from North Carolina - Requiem Mountain
These chatroom rooms are at the top of my favorites list. I come here all the time and I meet someone new and interesting every time. I love TC! - Holly from Pennsylvania - The Padded Cell
TC rocks been comin here for 2 or 3 years now found some really cool people and witch are my best friends :) TC rules :P peace out - Travis from Lodi, California
Yeah this is just a fun place to go and just meet interesting people and stuff a good killer of boredom and the new set up is cool... well I'm off to chatroom and stuff. ;) - Matt from Newfoundland/Canada
ahh :) i lovee teenchatroom !! ive met some pretty rad people on heree. yep, its pretty chill. - jackee from roaCRUNK, Virginia - USA
I love this site, it rocks. W00t <3 <3 - Beth from New York