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hey guys wicked awsome site you actually dont get enough credit for it ut you have my thankies i met some decent people on here, people on my level lol but yeah thankies guys and girls keep it up cause if you dont then so many peeps gnna be upset lol - paul from england - The Padded Cell
Hey everyone!!! I love these chatroom rooms so much!!! It's where I go while ummmm pretending to do my Anyways I love it, I love the new look, and I love YOU!!! Peace! - Cass from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Australia Chat
I've only been coming here for a short period of time but overall TC Rawksz my pants off! The people are great and I couldn't ask for anything better. This is also one of the first sites I've ever been in that lets the users comment on the actual site. Way to go on the Honesty guys. Love Ya,x0x0. - Nicole from Pasedena California
Hey I've been coming here for a while its awesome and a cool way to meet new ppl. frankie the one in my pic loves it too. all of my friends do its awesome so if u want to find me im always in the emo chatroom or skater chatroom so pshyeah later - Jessica from South Ogden UTAH
I love TC. I'm pretty new but I've already met lots of nice people. I give these chatroom rooms 2 thumbs up for sure. - Courts from Canada - Singles Chat
Would it be a cliche if i said TC, is fully Awesome!! I think not my friends! Truely, this is the place to come and meet great chaps and chillers! I've met many grand people here!!! Make life rock Guys! =D xxx - Cara from Australia, Adelaide - The Padded Cell