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Fun place to meet cool people.I make cool friends lots. And if you want to find me. Just go in the emo room. I'm always under Jenna. - Jenna from SL,UT...Usa
These chatroom rooms are wicked! You can meet tons of new people! There are loads of chatroom rooms you can choose form to find some one with the same interests as you. - baybeegal from west midlands(((satford))) - UK Chat
TC is awesome, ive met some kewl people on it and i just love it. Its the easiest chatroom room around and its betterrrrrrrr rawr lol. Yeahh its maad as. xxx - Jazman xx from QLD - Australia Chat
These chatroom rooms rock my sox! They're so easy to use and free too! Kudos to Dan for creating such a cool site! Come chatroom me up in Singles chatroom. - Brittanie from texas - Singles Chat
I love being on chatroom because you can talk to your friends an you can just chill and hang out or you can meet new people on here and sit and chatroom wit them. - celina from san diego cali - Celestial Sky Continent
TC is amazingly amazing. I met a lot of awesome people here, and whenever I am bored, I know I can always come here to chit chatroom! I enjoy TC because its safe, fun and the best free chatroom rooms ever! - belynduhhx3 from california