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Omgsh TC Is soo kewl! I can Meet New People And Just Muck Around With Hot boys. I love how theres so many chatroom rooms, If I get bored With one room I can just move on to the next. Its Soo Great!!! - [P]epper from N.S.W/Austraila/Botany
I absolutely love meeting and talking to new people on these chatroom rooms!<33 - becka from connecticut - Singles Chat
TC is a creative place to be.Funny people and wild people.I steady thinking how Dan make all this happen for us Teens...Im glad you made this chatroom because i would never met muh first tru love Jermaine ever since i was 13..Thanks a lot Dan, keep it up and your crew. - MiiSzSniiCk3rZ from Atlanta,Georgia - Singles Chat
I Really like this site There's Soo Many ppl.. you can chatroom to, and there mostly all great people =) - Melanie from Canada/nova soctia/halifax
These chatroom rooms are awesome! I come here all the time! Come chatroom me up! - Javita from Memphis,TN
I think TC is pritty kl. you get 2 chatroom 2 sum hotties! :) - Sam from Southport