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Well these are best chatroom rooms that I know of. You get to meet some loony and quite funny people here. In a good way. Great way to spend time socializing with others. Would like to say thanks. I met a girl on this chatroom room that I can't compare to any other. Blueeyes.. Miss u lots.. BOING!! - Zion from South Africa - 20 Somethings
most chatroom rooms suck but TC is pretty wicked! When I'm bored its good ta hear from different people from different places - Emma from NewZealand
TC is mint! You meet people that you really like and can relate to. These are my favorite free chatroom rooms ever! - sami from doncaster - UK Chat
TC rocks. I come here and talk to some awesomely interesting people, that are very opinionated. - -ToxicHeart- from Jacksonville - Broken Hearts
I think its a great opportunity to get to know the youth of this generation from all around the world. Its absolutely brillant! I love and I hope everyone else does to! The new updated version is just a sign for things to come! - Totally unaware of the current situation from Straight outta Texas born and raised
Ahlo peoples. TC is great. I've met a bunch of people with *intelligence*. In Tennessee, that's unusual. It also helps pass the time. Ya' know, you're waiting on a phone call, having a lousy birthday, or just having a lousy day. Haha, I'm one of the nice peoples, so if I'm not bouncing off the walls, Talk to meh! The Cell is fun when the right people are there. - Psycho Chelsea from Tennessee - The Padded Cell