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I love TC get to meet alot of cool an interesting ppl u get to talk about random stuff n its juat fun ive been on TC since last year and it addictive i love it. - BoricuaKing from NY
Its a great place to hangout and chatroom with cool and interesting people ,i hangout there when im bored and have fun meeting new people teen shacks the best....<3 - alexcia/dana from new york - Teen Shack
TC is the BEST site on the web!!! Seriously!!! I love ALL my new freinds i've met here and i love how we can meet ppl frm every where!!!! its awwwwesome!!!!! <333 - Autumn/PANDA from Alb New mexico USA
Freakin' Awesome.. The Dudes And Dudettes There Are So Awesome And Friendly It Rawkss! Much Improvvedd! <3 - [[x]].Sian-[Ness].[[x]] from Wales =]]
I love TC! I found it at school when I was bored. The metal chatroom room is so cool and I think its wicked to talk to people with the same interests and tastes that you can't find in your area. - Shell from England
TC is a very nice place to chatroom every time. i was 13 when i started visiting this site. keep it up TC. - angelina from uk - Singles Chat