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well actually my kinda chatroom room. I dont have a favorite, i like joining them to meet new people. I met some really nice people some I've been in touch with for years now. =) but i like talking to them emo kids they are awesome. - tiffanie-marie from pennsylvania - Broken Hearts
I've met most of my current friends on this site! And that's ridiculous because i HATE chatroom rooms, until i found TC! you can probably see me in the punk or emo room, my username is mandaXmassacre.<33 - manda from Ithaca, NY
I <3 this site. Lots of people to talk to, and I met some of the best people I know from here. And I like the pretty colours... Keep it up Dan! - Natalie [Ms Pedantic] from Devon, England
teenchatroom is aweosme! i been using teenchatroom since i was 13, its, fun, easy and free... so whoever wants to chatroom u know where to find me - rock n roll from Canada
I came on here about 3 years ago and i cant leave theres always new people to meet and if your into culture like me talking about their country is so much more then what google can do for ya. TC just rocks, its fun and exciting!! The ppl here are so interesting your never short of a laugh or tear. : ) - Joycie from Australia
I get to hang out with peeps that are like me and know what I'm into!! There is so many peeps to meet so little time!! i love these chatroom rooms!!!! - Lizzy from MO Nixa US