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I meet crazy people here but there are some col people too that get wat i b tryin to say u know met my girl here we tight u know Family b on here dat i dont have the number too u know real talk. - D aka DaRealist from Texas - 20 Somethings
I Love These rooms!! I Am In & Out Of Them Frequently, But I Have To Give My Props To The Redneck chatroom! You Can Find Me Under Sammie Or SouthernGirl. Love Ya'll! - Sammie from Southern IL Baby!!
Hey guys I have made it my mission today to find a better free chatroom site. After hours of searching nothing compared to this site. I have been coming here for over 2 years and I am hooked. Can't get enough. Just wanna say Dan, you rock and the people in the chatroom room are always interesting. - jay from australia - Australia Chat
These are really great chatroom rooms. I feel like I really can connect with others - mckenna from Council Bluffs - Singles Chat
TC is rad! I've been here for awhile and its awesome :]] entertains ya when your bored and these chatroom rooms are free! Can't beat it. - Alex from Australia
This site is super fun for meeting new people, and odly enough, you'll actually feel bad when you have to go! Some of the people on here are really nice, and I wish that I could meet them in person! Thanks TC!! - Kat from Depends, TX, US - The Padded Cell