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I like Teenchatroom cause u can meet new ppl and get to be good friends or maybe u know girlfriend and boyfriend never ppl these days!!! lol well yea thats my comment!! - Nathan from Mississippi - Singles Chat
I have been on this site since 2005 and it has been really awesome! I like the people in these chatroom rooms. I have meet a lot of really nice and funny and smart people that know their stuff. And i have even tried ALL of the sites but my favorite chatroom is Rap chatroom check ya later - Leanna from hannibal,missouri united states
Yo TC iz Crazy!! Ive Been Comin to these chatroom rooms 4 a wile now n itz neva da same. U meet new people and we talk about everything. Itz like your jus chillin with your homies at the house. TC iz whats up - Damien from Oklahoma United States
I absolutely adore TC! I come on all the time, and I've met some great people=]. It's tons of fun and totally free! - Sarah from Canada - Teen Scene
TC is an amazing place. It is full of grea people who like different things and you can chatroom and find out about what they do and how there town/city is like. Its a great way to communicate - Jade from Hereford
your site is wicked , really good, better than any outher chatroom room i have gone in..!! love nads - nads from uk wales