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hmmm... up late... freakin bored... wat to do?.... chatroom! yeah! :) i <3 this place... - Sarah from USA ga
TC is a fantastic site. The roleplay gives opportunity to express your creativity. Its fun and you meet lots of really great people. - Faust from Hertfordshire - The Padded Cell
well actually my kinda chatroom room. I dont have a favorite, i like joining them to meet new people. I met some really nice people some I've been in touch with for years now. =) but i like talking to them emo kids they are awesome. - tiffanie-marie from pennsylvania - Broken Hearts
TC is a good place to meet new people - dave from nsw - Australia Chat
I love TC! I dunno what I'd do if I didn't have these chatroom rooms! =] Yaaaaaaaa - Candice from Laguna Beach Cali - Teen Shack
This has been a great way to meet new people and learn new things, everyone critisizes you based on looks and how you act/talk. Here you don't worry about that kind of thing you just meet new people and talk to them as they are, not how they are portrayed. I love the sight btw good job =] - Ryan from Tennessee