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It's kool. I met some kool people and im try'n to find some people to chill with and stuff. - Darron from Indiana=Charlstown
I LOVE TC. I used to come back when I was younger, but I love the new rooms and layout! I have met the most amazing friends in the redneck room! I love them to death. TC has by far the best chatroom rooms to visit when you need advice or are just plain bored. Thanks Dan! - Ashley from Wyoming
I've been using TC for many years now and I think its great. I made great friends and I really enjoy using TC. - Chris from South Carolina, United States - Teen Shack
Well me being new to the whole "Online chatroom" experience found this quite refreshing, its a good place to go after a stressful day of school and dance after. Thumbs up - Michael from England - Singles Chat
to tell yuh the truth i thgt this wsz gnna suck but then i tried it out and i wsz like.....y0 this thing aint tht bad its acually 1 of the best chatroom rooms ive ever been - YuH Boii J0n R0n from Jamaica,NY - Singles Chat
Ive been using TC for years and I love it! TC has being with me for over 4 years now! Gotta Love IT! - Alpha Mare from Western Austarlia - Australia Chat