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I've been coming here for a while now, and dude these chatroom rooms rock my SOCKS!!!!!TC ftw. - Leah from Texas
This chatroom is amazing i love it! And love all the cool people ive met :D Ur all great. Nuff luv. - Emma from UK - UK Chat
TC is the place to be and it never gets old. You can in there and act a fool and others will laugh with you. Its a great place to meet new people. I love it here. Thanx - Karl from Portland, Oregon - Teen Shack
TC is def the best free chatroom room site I have ever been on. When I get bored and there is nothing else for me to do, I come here and meet new people, it is hilarious to see what some of these people will do. - Sadie from Minnesota
Going on TC has made boring moment in my life more enjoyable because meeting new people is one thing that i enjoy doing. - Sammy G from Ontario, Canada - Broken Hearts
this sight rox my sox... The chatroom rooms are incredible! I've had soo much fun here! There are so many new and different people here its amazing. - bootie_shaker from south australia
TC is a good place to go to just talk and meet people with the same interests. - Becca from Chicago
great site. even accessible on deployment. good way to meet friends young and old. cheers, - cpl. M. MacLean from Scottland - UK Chat