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Yeah im wacky, and here I can still be wacky. I get bored easily and I can just come to these chatroom rooms and chill and things are better, lol. =p - Chanel from New Jersey - Blind Dates
This webbie is pritty cool , u get to meet some cool people and yer ive met a few cool ppl :) - Renya ( aka) Witchwarp girl from australia - The Padded Cell
hooray! i <3 tc cuzz u can meet amazing people and its pretty dang entertaining. yay - GabyExhale from Onatio Canada - Broken Hearts
I just got board one day talking to the same boring people on msn till I found TC. It's a good place to meet new and interesting people. SK8 4 LIFE!!! - Ian Boyd from Austraila Victoria
Wow, this site is the bomb! I met some really intellectual people on here along with some very ordinary people who just wanted to have good fun. If you're bored of meeting and talking with the friends that you hang out with or have just broken up with your boy/girlfriend, this site is for you! - Zaid Atique from Ohio/ U.S. - Singles Chat
Whoa....yeah... So many cool kids here. 90% of my addys on MSN came from this site. Loads of unique, fun people here. Love ya'll. - Cole from Washington, USA
this site is so cool, ive only started it yesterday, but i already made so many friends!! - Foxyroxy from europe
I love TC, I've been coming here for years and have met so many fantastic people! I don't know what I'd do without it. It's so addicting. - Jessica from Virginia - Forest of Infinity