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I love TC. I've been here for 5 years and I've met some wonderful people, had my share of heartbreaks, and found my one special person. I truly love him. So all I want to say is Thanks!! - Coral from Shreveport, Louisiana - The Padded Cell
I met my boyfriend on this site. And since then I don't think I've even been happier. This site really helps you get to know someone how they REALLY are. - Cortney from West Palm Beach Florida - Blind Dates
I Love These rooms!! I Am In & Out Of Them Frequently, But I Have To Give My Props To The Redneck chatroom! You Can Find Me Under Sammie Or SouthernGirl. Love Ya'll! - Sammie from Southern IL Baby!!
I Love this site so much because you meet pretty awesome people and I met this amazing girl named Jessie and we are talking about getting together and I thank this site. Thanks Dan! - Jeff Brown from Victor,Idaho
Ha, I love these chatroom rooms! I enjoy meeting new people on here everyday. I've made quite a few life-long friends here. - Jenniie from Idaho, USA
I can't remember when i started coming here, it has been a while though over 2 years i met some pretty cool peepz in these chatroomrooms. One being Jeanessa she knows who she is. - Da'Shawn from Tinton Falls, New Jersey
I have just started to use this free chatroom but I think it is gr8 top laughs meet gr8 people have lots of fun. I'm always in uk chatroom you want me im there. XxX - beverley from england - UK Chat
Pregnancy chatroom is great for young moms and dads to get together and talk and share their thoughts and feelings with others, met some great mates in this chatroom room, hey liz ,rach, savvy, tess n zo luv you all xxx - EmmaLeigh from Pasadena California