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TC is really cool:) it lets me talk to people from all over the world its really cool. - brooklyn from canada
Yo TC is Awesome!!! Just the fact that you find people who are into the same stuff you're into makes it even better. And to be honest some of the chicks on here are pretty hot. Anyways hit me up if you're in the Punks room. Lataz - Drae from Huntsville, Tejas Usahhh
Teenchatroom is an awesome place to meet new people. A place to have an actual intellectual conversation with people from all around the world. - Tiffany from Alberta, Canada
i really like this site i think it is a good place for young people to get help and get to meet new people - mya from missouri
I love these chatroom rooms! I am still lookin for that perfect emo boy though. *giggles* look for me im EMOxRIOT - Sierra from Danville,Virginia
Well this site is pretty cool. I've been on here since i was 13 and now am 18 i have found other sites but none as kool as this one :) - Ben from Colorado USA
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