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I have been coming on these chatroom rooms for only a couple of days, and made a few friends! This site rocks, the best chatroom site I have ever been to. Keep up the amazing work! - olivia-ellietheone from oregon-port orford
Freakin' Awesome.. The Dudes And Dudettes There Are So Awesome And Friendly It Rawkss! Much Improvvedd! <3 - [[x]].Sian-[Ness].[[x]] from Wales =]]
I don't know if I have a favorite chatroom, they're all so great! (And FREE!) I meet plenty of cool people on here, it's pretty chill here, too. Come here after work and just chatroom with people you know. ~Jawsh~ - Jawsh from Kentucky
TC is awesome, i used to be on here everyday when i was younger and it still has many good qualities for me today i can still chatroom and have fun on here like i was when i used to go on here! awesome place always highly recommend it! - Scott from England Nottingham
Hey! I have been using these free chatroom rooms for a lonnnnng time. I love it here. And i have lots of friends. Its a great way to talk to people you meet...and to meet new people. I come on here about once a day at least. talk to me sometime. - Shandee from U.S.A
YEAH! TC Rocks man! DAN ROCKS! ... yes new people and stuff here its fun normally in emo or punk which ever suits me aye, so many new chatroom site - DeadPoeticGirl from Australia
I love coming in here. This site is helpful to those of us who have been hurt or have problems. I love helping people with relationships too. You can meet new people and talk about your favorite things and just have fun and hang out!! TC, you rule!! - Lauren-nicole from newzealand - Broken Hearts