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I LUV TC, I meet a lot of new ppl and it is so much fun! It's free too! I'm gonna keep coming to this site! - Candy from Wichita Falls, TX
Heya Guys Well im carissa 17 from Australia ! ! ! Teenchatroom can be great but where are all the aussie guys at ? ? ? ? We need more of u ;) Well catchyaz - carissa from Australia, NSW - Teen Shack
I love this free chatroom room cos der is so many hot fellas on ere. I giva it a ten out of ten. - annie from australia
Hey y'all, I think TC is great, it's full of warm, friendly people who will talk to you about anything. Thanks to Dan!!! Anywho, love yas all Mwah mwah!!! - Alyssa from Queeensland- Australia - Australia Chat
TC is awesome.. I'm on here pretty much all of the time lol.. It rocks. & There's always great people to talk to. - Courtney from London, UK
I've been going to TC for about 5 or 6 years now and it's been one of the most growing experiences for me socially. Most of me and my friends in real life chill out here after school. - Jasmine from SC, United States - The Padded Cell
I love TC. Its great to meet new people. <3. Keep making magic,Dan. - Amy from Pennsylvania - 20 Somethings
I've been coming to TC for years and i love the comfortable and simple feel of the place. Its perfect to sign onto a nice scrolling black chatroom room after a long day and chatroom until i'm ready to sleep. Thanks! Changes are appreciated too...(especially the annoyance control ones) - KyLe from USA - Teen Shack