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This is the best chatroom site by far and I come on here all the time. I've yet to find better chatroom rooms anywhere! - nathan from unted kingdome - UK Chat
This chatroom site is the best!!! you meet a lot of people with the same interests, personalities and location... so go onto the Emo room now. - sinaed from QLD, Australia
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i love to chatroom and hang out its always fun, my best and favorite chatroom room is the singles chatroom room!!!! I LOVE IT CAUSE I'M SINGLE NOW! - Brandy from missouri - Singles Chat
I love this place. It's absolutely amazing. All of the different people you get to meet, all of the different ways to interact. The tons of rooms to go into. Whether you're looking for a friend, or just a good Roleplay, this place is perfect. <3 - Danielle from California
TC is so amazing! I love meeting new people and this pace is it!! Thanks for being awesome! - Megan Lenae from United States Tennessee