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Hey I think TC is a fantastic place to meet new people and to get advice on personal issues. I have been visiting TC since I was 13 and met my first boyfriend on here, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary next week :D Thank you for giving me this opportunity to find love :) xoxox - Malinda from Perth, Western Australia
Cool, site, meet lots of ppl who play guitar and skate just like me :D - Sheddon from Queensland, Australia,
The only reason im in hippies because theres some brilliant people in there ive been here for about 3 years now ive enjoyed it so much and meet new friends lets face it you cant get no better than TC lol - Damien (Grenus) from England, Kent
TC Is A Great Place To Come And Meet New Friend And Possibly Pen Pals. It Creates A Care-Free Environment For Teens Who Have Problem And They Feel They Need To Talk To some body Who Doesn't Know Anything About Them You Feel As If Your Not Getting Judged, Or Simply To Have Fun! Ive Been chatroomting On TC For About Two Years, And The Advice/ chatroom Rooms Are Get Stronger, And Are Also Changing With Society. - Ashley from San Francisco, California
I love this site soooooooooo much!! The chatroom rooms are awesome and amazingly easy to use! XoXo :) - Miss Vixen from USA
OMG! I absolutely LOVE TC. I've been coming here since I was 13. The people I've met on here are awesome! It's cool to just come here when I'm bored or feel like meeting new people but am too lazy to go out of the house. lol =P - BROKENxBritney from Canada/Ontario
TC is the s*** i have fun on it and its a good way to meet guys and gurls from all over the world you have a great time and make new mates laterz - Annakins.x from tasmania (australia)
I lovee this free chatroom!! Its so much fun and you get to meet lots of cool new friends and hang out! The people here are awesome and funny! I love it! - Ivy from Florida